Friday, July 03, 2009

Thank a Vet

This past weekend, I went to my family reunion and listened to a conversation my Uncle Bill and my father were having regarding waterboarding. I was going to write about how my views differ from theirs, but I'll save that for later. I want to tell you all about my dad and my Uncle Bill.

Now, my dad is one tough man. Frankly, I think John Wayne was a wuss when held up next to my old man. He's seventy-two and can still wipe the floor with mine and my brothers' butts. I've never tried taking on my Uncle Bill, but I'm pretty sure he could take me. These are the guys who fought in Vietnam and didn't come home with any problems and they didn't complain. They just did their duty and served their country proud. Uncle Bill served in the Air Force for at least twenty years and retired as an E8. My father served in the Navy for twenty years and retired as an E7 -- Pop doesn't take orders as nicely as Uncle Bill.

These are the guys who taught me to respect our servicemen and women, especially my dad. In fact, Pop taught me that if you see a man with a service hat on - you know the ones I mean, that mention they ship they served on or I'm a Veteran - you need to thank that man for your freedom and I always do. When I see men and women in uniform at the mall or in the airport or wherever I am, I try to shake their hand and thank them for their continuing service. I'm trying to teach Danny and Alex to do the samething, but they might be a little too young.

So, on this day, while most of us are off work because tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I just wanted to ask everyone of you who reads this to take the time to thank a vet. And, if you don't know one or don't see one, take a little time to think about America's Veterans. All over the world, there are men and women in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines and Coast Guard who won't be celebrating with barbecues and hot dogs, because they're standing watch and protecting our freedom. Please join with me and say a little prayer for them.

Lastly, I know this is a bumber sticker saying, but it doesn't mean it isn't right:

If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can read this in English, thank a Vet.

God Bless

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Musings Off the Top Of My Head

Yesterday, on my way home from Green Bay, I was thinking about my blog and what I would write about this week. First, I should offer up some prayers for those affected by Hurricane Gustav, especially those who lost their lives. I should probably offer up a prayer for the Republican Party, as Gustav has messed with their convention plans.

Second, if you know any servicemen or women heading for Iraq, my cousin - Tiffany (her husband has just been sent back) - let me know that they could use body wash and shampoo, as the BX runs out of these items regularly. Also, bottle water drink mixes are welcomed as well as calling cards. So, if you know someone who is sending a care package over to the troops, drop some of these items in. I'm going to do some research on different charities and organizations that support our troops and I'll post about them here. As Americans, we can't do enough for our men and women in uniform.

Third, on the more humorous side, why is it that when I get off at my exit in Green Bay and head for Kim and Dustin's that it seems to take forever to get to their house, but when I'm driving home, Highway 43 is just a matter of a few short minutes away?

Fourth, have you ever noticed that there are two types of drivers from Illinois: those who can only drive under the speed limit in the left lane and those who think that the starter gun for the race has been shot and they have to get there before you?

Fifth, my mother is all up in arms that Sarah Palin's seventeen year old daughter is unwed and pregnant, but it doesn't seem to bother her that Palin's husband works in the oil industry, which to me is the larger problem with voting for her.

Finally, why is it that summer is so short and winter is so long?

God Bless

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