Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wisconsin Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen doesn't stand up for Wisconsin Laws...

But Fair Wisconsin does. (Read their announcement here) Everyday until the next election or someone who knows how to organize a recall against Van Hollen, I'm going to remind Wisconsin voters just how 1) he doesn't defend laws passed by our legistlature and 2) how that costs Wisconsin taxpayers $175.00 per hour to bring in an outside attorney. Apparently, Van Hollen only stands up for those constituents who are as small minded and backward as he is.
Let's all join together and make him a one-term attorney general. Let's send a message to future attorney generals that we want them to uphold our laws. Period.
In case you're wondering if I only want him to support laws I support, I support the Federal Justice Department's stance to support DOMA in court. I believe that's what attorney generals should do -- even if they disagree with the law.
Apparently, Republicans don't think that way. They think that somehow you have some made up right to only do your job as long as you agree with it -- the exception is you shouldn't have to do something unethical or illegal. Silly Republicans, running the government is an intellectual's job.
Defend the law, Van Hollen, or suffer the consequences and lose the next election.

God Bless

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Justice is Served...

I was having a conversation with someone who shall remain nameless about a proposal Congress either passed or wants to pass which would give law enforcement $100 million dollars to investigate and prosecute offenders who committed crimes against blacks in the fifties and sixties. You know the ones I mean, where a Ku Klux Klan member or members killed a black man because he looked at him funny or because he (the black man) was working to register voters.

Now, this person with whom I was speaking said that it was just wasting money. Most of the offenders are probably dead or just frail old men (case in point James Ford Seale) and why bother.

Well, speaking of Seale, he was just convicted of killing Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee back in 1964. Isn't that worth some money? Finally, after more than forty years, Moore's and Dee's families can feel that there is justice. The closure alone is worth the money.

Further, a lot of these men convicted have gone on to enjoy nice lives. Children, grandchildren and all that goes with being an elder member of a family. Their victims had no such lives. Why should we let murderers enjoy their remaining years? They didn't allow their victims any mercy.

Finally, there is no statue of limitations on murder. (Too bad there isn't on rape, but that's a different article.) Justice may be blind, but she's also patient.

God Bless

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