Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New Baby and Groceries

So, Cheryl is out of town because on Thursday the newest member of our family was born (pictures below). Unfortunately, even though I have a terrific boss who would've let me be off to be there, I'm not, and that is because of my knee surgery. This will haunt me for a long time that I missed the birth of my third grandson. Sending flowers to Kim and a teddy bear to Nicholas just doesn't cut it in my mind. Luckily for me, Cheryl didn't have to drive there by herself and she didn't have to miss the birth to watch the boys because Dad took her up to Green Bay. He stayed at the house, while Dustin and Cheryl accompanied Kim to the hospital.

But, if I can leave behind the joy of having little Nicholas enter the world (on the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, I might add) for just a moment and get back to the subject of me. I'd like to whine. While my knee hasn't been hurting too much since my surgery yesterday, but that could just be because of the pain killers they gave me at the hospital, I miss being able to do easy things. My leg is completely wrapped from mid-thigh to the bottom of my foot and I have instructions that I can't take this off. (I confirmed this with the on-call doctor last night.) My doctor likes to ensure the minimal of swelling as possible, so this wrap won't come off until Monday. This means I can't do anything. I can get to the bathroom and maybe cook something, but I didn't realize how helpless I would be.

Now, some of my friends have said take the wrap off -- I've had the same surgery and you don't need it. And, while I appreciate their advice, I don't really like ignoring my doctor -- mainly because I want to be able to return to work on Tuesday. And, because I don't want to have to go through this again. Now, I'm not taking the pain medication my doctor prescribed. I don't like the goofy feeling I get when taking it.

Then, when I awoke at five this morning, it dawned on me. We don't have any food in the house, so I need to go to the store. I can't shop on crutches and I can't get a shoe on my left foot. And, I hate to depend on other people. It kills me to have to do that! It is at a moment like this when I truly miss Cheryl! Or, perhaps, I should've been better prepared and gone shopping Thursday night! :0

Anyway, God Bless and enjoy the below pictures.

Cheryl and DannyCheryl and Danny.

Cheryl and NicholasCheryl and Nicholas

Danny, Dustin, Alex and NicholasDanny, Dustin, Alex and Nicholas.

Danny and NicholasDanny and Nicholas.

Grandpa Totsch and Nicholas Grandpa and Nicholas.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Could we discuss the issues?

I've got to say, I'm really, really tired of Sarah Palin. I'm tired of seeing her picture on magazine covers. I'm tired of hearing about her pregnant daughter. I don't want to hear about her religious past, present or future. I want to know what McCain plans on doing if he's elected President. I want to know what Obama plans on doing if he's elected President.

That said, since we're on the topic, I think Obama has taken the high road in all of this -- not that anyone will give him any credit for it. I'm not exactly sure where Obama was when he made the remarks -- the article is vague, but someone said that Obama should make a statement that candidates' families and religion were off limits. Obama responded that he had all ready said families were off limits. He, also, said, "...
don't give people some sort of religious litmus test because I don't want somebody to question my faith and I'm certainly not going to question somebody else's."1

Too bad no one took this into consideration when people decided to question Obama's Christian faith.

On the other hand, why is it that the GOP doesn't want us questioning Palin's faith? Why shouldn't we ask questions about what it is exactly she believes? Why did she belong to a Pentecostal faith for twenty years and then in 2002, she suddenly switches to a non-denominational church? What happened in 2002 that made her change faiths and churches, but not completely cut the Pentecostal out of her life?

If Obama had to take the punches about his religion and his religious beliefs, why shouldn't Palin?

Palin said just a couple of months ago:
"Pray for our military men and women who are striving do to what is right. Also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending them out on a task that is from God. That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for -- that there is a plan, and that plan is God's plan."2 She invokes God, so why shouldn't we ask her about her beliefs?

I guess we shouldn't ask her because Obama should have never been asked. Obama wants to take the high road. He wants us to leave Palin's family and religion alone, but no one will notice those remarks. Even the article from where I took the quote is leaning toward McCain:
McCain camp angry over Obama's 'lipstick' comment. If you just read the first couple of paragraphs, you'd never know that Obama wants to leave Palin's family alone.

But, Obama takes the high road doesn't sell newspapers and it doesn't make you click on the article link.

Only 56 more days until this is all over.

God Bless

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Times have changed

I'm going to admit something I'm not too sure many people know. My parents were NOT happy campers when I came out to them almost 20 years ago. My mother used to make comments like "straighten up" when we'd get off the phone and my father didn't have too much to say to me for a long time. Now, I don't want anyone thinking I'm complaining because they never sent me away to be "cured" or stop letting me talk to my brothers. I know gay people who haven't spoken to their parents since they came out. But still, it wasn't easy.

My parents love Cheryl -- sometimes I think more than they love me -- and they love her kids and, of course, they're thrilled with da boys.

But, something happened this weekend I just never thought would happen in a million years. Two friends of ours, Barb and Karen, were married last month. We missed the wedding because our cousin, Jeff, was married to his bride, Jen, on the sameday. And, I couldn't miss Jeff's wedding and wouldn't have considered missing it. Anyway, we met up with Barb and Karen at Ren Faire this weekend and caught up on news. I introduced them to Dad and told him that they had just gotten married. Dad offered his congradulations. I mean, it was so cool. Twenty years ago, I don't think that would've happened.

He's come along way. He's still voting Republican this November, but he's still come a long, long way.

God Bless

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funeral Arrangements

Cheryl's mother passed away Tuesday morning. The news was devastating to the both of us, despite the fact that Mary had been sick for the past month. But, I think even more difficult than coming to terms with our grief has been making the funeral arrangements.

The funeral director, Mike, is a nice man. He remembered Cheryl from her father's funeral nearly twenty years ago. And, we're lucky because our brother-in-law, Charlie, was on the ball and wrote the obituary with Mike right away. All we needed to do for that yesterday was proofread it.

No, the real hard part came with picking out the casket and then Mom's dress. We even had to pick out what vault. Did you know that linings in caskets are not interchangeable? I liked the roses that were embordered on one lining, but we liked a different casket better. You can't take one lining out of one casket and put it in another. In any case, it's hard trying to decide just what casket someone would like to have.

This morning, we'll be meeting with the Priest to go over the Mass arrangements.

So, my whole reason for this post is simply this:

Sit down and plan your funeral. Go take a look at caskets -- many funeral homes offer pre-planning. And, if you're thinking, well, I might not live where I'm at the rest of my life -- that's okay. Don't make anything official. Just pick out the color and style and write it down. Trying to make serious and expensive decisions through the tears of grief is the hardest thing your family members will ever have to do. So, do something for them and plan it out. Write down your favorite hymms and if you want a full Mass (if you're Catholic) or not. Do you want a viewing the night before? Do you want your funeral to be at a church at all?

My father recently said that he was writing out what he wants for his funeral. At first, I really didn't want to think about it. But, now, I'm thinking Dad's giving Scott, Brian and me the best gift he possibly can. I just wish he could convince Mom to do the same.

God Bless

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Family Video

Okay, is it just me or is it wrong for a place to call itself FAMILY Video when it will be opened from noon to midnight on CHRISTMAS?!? Don't they care whether or not their staff gets to have any family time? Who needs to be out there renting videos on Christmas Day? It's bad enough that there will be football being played when families need to spend time together.

We wonder what has happened to family values in this country and this is what has happened to family values. We have placed renting videos higher than spending time with our families. The right wing can blame gay people all they want for the deterioration of family values, but in reality capitalism is killing our family values.

God Bless!

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !

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