Friday, September 12, 2008

Women are NOT interchangeable!

In 1920, women finally gained the right to vote (144 years after the nation was formed). In the last 88 years, you would think that men would've learned something about women -- anything. Yet, in a US News & World article I was reading this morning, a male writer (and I would tell you which one, but I left the magazine at home) wrote something to the effect that disillusioned women Hillary voters will now back McCain because of Palin.

I hate to burst his bubble, but Hillary supporters aren't going to vote for McCain because of Palin. That would be tantamount to slitting their own throats. Women who supported Hillary believe what Hillary believes -- they're pro-choice, against the war in Iraq and for public healthcare coverage. This is everything Palin isn't.

The battle between the two would be interesting.

The lawyer who stood by her philandering husband versus the sports reporter who is forcing her 17 year old daughter to marry to save face.

The Senator from the 3rd largest state versus the Governor from the 3rd smallest state (by population, not land area).

Except this race isn't about Hillary and it isn't about Sarah; it is about Barack Obama and John McCain and which MAN we think will lead our country into a bright future.

It's really too bad the election isn't between Hillary and Sarah. It would make for a more interesting race. And, since it isn't about the two of them, let me just shout this out to the men, WOMEN ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!!!!!

God Bless

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Friday, June 15, 2007


I saw an advertisement for a t-shirt that says, "If Hillary is elected, I'm moving to Canada." What kind of jerk would wear a t-shirt like that? You're going to change countries because you don't like the President? If we all thought like that, 49% of us would be in Canada right now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for showing your support or your non-support for a candidate or party, but leave the country? Isn't that going a bit too far? Plus, it just bugs me because the guy wearing it probably doesn't know anything about Hillary Clinton except the fact he doesn't like her. He probably can't even tell you why if you asked him.

So, I say, let's all vote for Hillary to get morons who wear shirts like that to leave the country!

:-) It might make the USA a better place to be!

Oh and one last thought, could we try something a little different this election year. Could we try to be civil to one another and make decisions on Candidates based on issues? United we stand, divided we fall and we have been divided for far too long.

Just a thought.

God Bless

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