Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Week's Books

I love to read and this week I'm reading quite a bit. I'm carrying over some books from last week and I'm adding some new ones.

God Bless

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Feature -- What I'm Reading this week

I will be re-launching SixBooks.net soon, but I was viewing the site and realized that it needs a complete overhaul. That is going to take a lot of man hours to get it right.

Until then, I'm starting a new feature here - What I'm Reading this Week. For most of the books listed, I will be posting reviews on Blogcritics.org and then it will post here. Some books I might just be reading for fun. Below, is this week's list of books.

Happy Reading and God Bless!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Word on Ted Kennedy

This morning, as I am looking out at the rainy day before me, I paused to read an article about Ted Kennedy and his work for gay rights. He took the stance of equality for gays when it might have been political suicide to do so. Senator Kennedy seemed to know our struggles and our pain.

And, that lead me to remember what he said at Bobby Kennedy's funeral, "a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it; who saw suffering and tried to heal it; who saw war and tried to stop it." And, I think those words, those words that whenever I've heard them again, have brought tears to my eyes, would be best served to describe Ted Kennedy. And, I don't write this to take away anything from Bobby Kennedy's work, but Ted was the survivor who got to put his words into action.

I worry about the health care in this nation now. Because the one man who could work with Republicans is gone. All ready, with Kennedy ill and out of action, the health care debate has dissolved into a yelling match. I wonder, who is going to lead us now?

God Bless us, everyone. We are going to need the Lord's help in all of this.

PS. Think about that, Van Hollen, you're decision NOT to defend Wisconsin state law is a wrong one and for that, I ask that God has mercy on your soul.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I awoke yesterday morning to the news that Edward Kennedy died of brain cancer. I am not ashamed to say that I sat down on my couch and cried. I felt as if the nation had lost a favorite uncle. I'm pretty sure all those Kennedy kids -- who are now Kennedy adults -- looked up to him, as they lost their own fathers. From his eulogy of his brother, Robert, to his endorsement of President Obama, Senator Kennedy spoke with power, passion and love of country. He seemed to gather us in his arms and let us know that all would be all right, much like a beloved uncle would.
What upset me so much this morning and as the day went on is the sad fact that Teddy Kennedy will never be able to tell America that we'll get through it -- whatever it may be -- again. That our troubles are a mere bump on the road to our grand future.
My heart goes out to the Kennedy family.
Then, when I thought my day could not get much worse, I come home, flip to CNN and find out that Dominick Dunne passed away. I loved his show on Court (not Tru) TV. I loved reading his articles in Vanity Fair. I would daydream of what I would discuss with him, if Mr. Dunne would come to dinner. I meant to write him a fan letter. I had just been thinking about it the other day, as a matter of fact. I will miss his commentary in Vanity Fair and TruTV won't be the same without presence.
My prayers are with his family.
God Bless

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