Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off the Top Of My Head

Maybe, I'm having these thoughts because my knee hurts. Maybe, I'm having these thoughts because I'm doped up on the generic version of vicodin. Maybe, it's because it's 3:20 in the morning and I'm unbelievably NOT tired! But, anyway, here's some thoughts...
  1. I really don't want to talk about, read about or hear about that nutcase woman in California who had six kids she wasn't supporting and somehow was allowed to have 8 embryos implanted in her. I hear she wants a reality TV show. Any station that signs her up deserves to go out of business. Let's not encourage irresponsible parenting anymore than we've all ready had with "Jon and Kate plus 8" and "17 and Counting".
  2. Speaking of the moron in California, just where the hell did she get the money? Does welfare pay for that? And, while I don't believe in controlling anyone's right to reproduce, shouldn't there be a set limit to how many embroyos can be implanted at one time?
  3. Joaquin Phoenix -- I don't know him, nor do I know a lot about him, but his performance as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line" was amazing. His singing was terrific. Now, I read he wants to be a rap star and he's giving up acting. I can see wanting to give up acting, but becoming a rap star? Please. White guys should never rap -- they don't have that whatever it is black guys have. It never sounds right -- at least not to me. And, besides, throughout music history, white people have borrowed (stolen) from black music, can't we just let them have something of their own without ruining it? Joaquin, if you want to have a music career, I'll buy your album, just pick a genre other than rap, please.
  4. I'm not thrilled with the stimulus package. I think too many concessions were made for the Republicans and then not enough of them came over to make it truly bipartisan. The $13.00 a week really isn't going to make that much of a difference in my life. I'd rather know that more of my fellow citizens will be able to keep their jobs. Also, I think we could've given more than 200 million (I'm pretty sure that's the figure I heard) to infrastructure.
  5. What the hell is wrong with corporate America? Laying off more Americans is NOT going to make your profit margins get any bigger. For every laid off employee, that's money that isn't going into the economy, which means that's less money flowing to corporate America, which will lower profit margins. Dummies.
  6. The true bailout should've been for homeowners who still have mortgages. For singles who earned less than $70,000 per year and married couples who earned less than $140,000 a year. Instead of the money going into the coffers of the banks and leaving homeowners hanging and the banks not lending it out again, the mortgages could've been paid off -- good and bad. Personally, I'm going to turn 200,000 miles on my Suzuki Vitara. While I love my Suzie, if I had my $750.00 mortgage payment in my checking account, I could afford the Chevy Malibu I fell in love with when I drove one for a month. So, the money would roll back into the American economy. A perfect plan? Maybe not, but the TARP bailout isn't even close to perfect and it hasn't saved one job.
  7. Am I the only American who could give a rat's butt about American Idol? I don't care who wins, I don't care who gets kicked off and frankly, quit telling me about it. I have a life that doesn't leave room for most reality TV shows -- I'm saying most because I'm not sure where Dominick Dunne's "Power, Privilege and Justice" and "Forensic Files" fall, but I love those shows. I can hear you saying, "But you make time for 'The Ghost Whisperer'". Yes, yes, I do, but I watch TV to escape reality, not have screaming morons and bad singers shoved in my face.
  8. Can we ban Reality TV? Haven't we gone too far? How much longer will it be before a real version of "The Running Man" becomes a reality?

Wow! That's a lot off my chest!

God Bless and Good night or, I guess, since it's now almost four am, good morning.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Straight California From Gay Wisconsin

I received in my mailbox an email from the Human Rights Campaign. According to the email, the anti-gay marriage ban is now winning by a 47 to 42 margin. Apparently, the Nazi groups such as Focus on the Family are blasting ads that convinced voters equal rights for all is somehow a bad thing.

Well, my fellow Americans, don't believe the crap. Gays haven't ruined traditional marriage -- how could we when we can't legally get married.

Further if these groups were the Christians they proclaim to be, they would be out helping their fellow man and not demeaning him.

It has never been easy to be a gay Christian, but groups like this disgust me in ways you can't even imagine. To be close to God is one of the most magical parts of life possible. I feel His hand in my life when I hear my grandsons' laughter, watch the sunrise or snuggle with my wife as we fall asleep. To vote Yes on Proposition 8 is to let the anti-Christ win.

Please, please, please don't let that happen. We blew it here in Wisconsin, please don't blow it in your own state.

God Bless and protect me from your "followers"

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry, Cheryl, I love Brad Pitt...

That headline certainly got your attention, didn't it? So, let me explain...

Brad Pitt just gave $100,000 to Californians Against Eliminating Basic Rights -- a group who is fighting the anti-gay Proposition 8 in California. According to the article , the man of dreams said, "Because no one has the right to deny another their life even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8."

Be still my heart.

Of course some anti-human being group made a statement that Brad Pitt isn't an example of a good marriage, but those people are just haters. He seems like a pretty darn good family man to me. He supports Angelina, he's a good father and he puts his money where his heart and mouth are. Sounds like an upstanding young man to me. (The fact that he's hunky is just a bonus.)

If you live in California, please vote against Proposition 8. Our country was built on freedom not discrimination -- actually, that isn't true. Our country was built that white male landowners were free, but times have changed.

God Bless

PS. Dear Angelina, you don't have to worry. I'm sure Brad and I will probably never meet and I'll never have the chance to sweep him off his feet. :-) Although, I'm sure this old, overweight lesbian probably could. :-D

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