Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wall Street and De-Regulation...

Let me start by saying that I'm not that knowledgeable about de-regulation. I'm not sure who started it and I'm not sure why when things started to go south, why no one stepped in and stopped it.

Here's what I do know about de-regulation, the cable companies were de-regulated 12 years ago. The idea was that with more competion, we'd pay less for our cable service.

Well, that never happened. I pay more for cable (although, I do admit this does include phone and broadband) then I ever have. Even if I take out the fees for the phone and broadband, I'm paying a lot of dough.

And, competition? I haven't seen any. Our competition choice is Time Warner or satillite. So, I pay more, get less and I'm not better off, but the cable companies are. How is that a good thing for consumers?

So, when we de-regulated Wall Street and now it crashes, why is anyone upset or surprised?

I think I'm missing something here I will have to research more indepth than I really have th etime to do so.

God Bless

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