Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Freddy Fender

I love the song "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Freddy Fender did it, along with many other Country hits. So, why isn't he in the Country Music Hall of Fame? Does anyone know how members are selected? I think us Freddy Fender fans should unite and do something about this.
God Bless

Taxing Healthcare Benefits

Okay, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that one of the three reasons I didn't vote for McCain was that he wanted to put a tax on my healthcare benefits. Yesterday, a co-worker of mine mentioned that he hoped I was happy now that Obama was going to start taxing healthcare benefits. I was more than a little stunned, especially since 1/3 of my reasons for voting for Obama was that he was against this idea. So, this morning, I have set out on a mission to see if I can find the justification for my co-worker's remark. I have found one article, but then my router went down and I discovered that my archives weren't working, so I haven't finished reading the article, but trust me, I will get to the bottom of this and I will be calling Feingold, Kohl and Ryan to let them know the taxing of healthcare benefits is wrong.
One quick thought before I'm off:
article I'm reading states "The wealthy enjoy the biggest boon from the policy, with their better jobs and richer perks. Still, Obama and many lawmakers are reluctant to embrace a tax." Well, I don't think I would be considered among the wealthy of the country, so there might be hope. I wouldn't be opposed to paying taxes on the healthcare if, say, they had to earn a certain amount, like $100,000 for a single person and $200,000 for a married person -- that, my dear friends, would leave most of us out of it.
Anyway, I would like to formulate a better thought on this, but I want to do my research -- just like I did when McCain first proposed this idea.
Oh, I almost forgot, according to my co-worker, this taxing of healthcare is Hillary's idea and it was part of the "deal" she made with Obama last year. Where is that coming from? Anyone know?
God Bless

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Video for Dad

I made this video for Dad and I posted it on Facebook, but if you're not on Facebook you can't see it. But, Dad sent out the link to his friends and our family members, so I'm posting it here so they can see it too.

God Bless


Friday, June 19, 2009

Inbox fatigue

Did you get the email for Robin Williams's supposed plan for peace? It is full of rantings on how America should stop defending other countries and we should give illegals 90 days to get out. I received this email and it pissed me off and not just because it is an unintelligent, uninformed rant attributed to someone who didn't write it, but because the person who forwarded didn't check the facts. And, they didn't clean up the email, by removing all the other forwarded message headers.
As my friends can attest, I rarely forward emails. On those rare occasions when I do, I remove headers, I check the facts and most of the time, I remove those forward to 100 people messages. I received an email yesterday where the writer referred to me as the queen of information and I don't think he meant it in a nice way, but I wear it as a badge of honor.
So, here's my rule: if you don't have the time to make the message look neat and you don'T have time to check the facts, the rest of us don't have time to read it.
God Bless

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Today is my father's 72nd birthday. I made him this video.

Happy Birthday, Pop!




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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did you hear the one?

Sherri Goforth should not lose her job for sending a racist email. Actually, no one should and here's why.
We live in a free society where all forms of speech are protected. Now, I happen to work in a zero tolerance environment where any non-work related email can get me fired. But, we're not talking about me. If we want to truly talk about tolerance, then people who send racist emails need to be shown compassion, not lose their jobs.
I realize this woman works for the state, but racists happen to be people, too. Sherri Goforth said that she sent the email by mistake. Who hasn't hit reply all when they shouldn't? Firing her isn't going to change his racist views. It'll only make them worse. Trust me on that. Racists hate being treated nice -- especially by the race they hate the most, so if I was Sherri's African-American co-worker, I'd be as nice as all get out to her. It'll piss her off.
But, that's just me.
God Bless

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I just received an email asking me for money to help Al Franklin in Minnesota--like I have any money! I thought this was all settled and I have to wonder how a party who wanted votes thrown out in Florida in 2000, can throw a fit now? And, I wonder why they aren't putting the country first, like Al Gore did when he gave up the fight? And, then I wonder why Republicans can't figure out why they lost the Presidency?
Last thought, isn't this the party who complains about judges legislating from the bench?
God Bless

I was thinking

I was thinking this morning, as I was reading an article about Miss Porter's School for Girls in Vanity Fair about coddling and blaming. And, I was thinking about why the economy has failed and what needs to be done and the car companies and I came up with this disjointed blog you're now reading.
First, what goes up - must come down. After the boom years of the '90s, it was only natural that the economy bottoms out.
Second, deregulation and the allowing of banks to be investors, too, didn't seem to help. And, isn't that sad? For most things, I'm not really into government regulation. I think businesses should be allowed to run themselves. I do believe it is sad that we need laws that protect people based on their sexual orientation, religion and race. I have held three jobs where, once my immediate supervisor found out I was gay, he (and I say he because they were all men) would have fired me, if it wasn't illegal for him to do so. I worked one job in Illinois, where they didn't have the protection (they might now, I do not know) and when my boss found out I was gay, out the door I went. And, it is more than that. Our government shouldn't have to mandate a reduction in greenhouse gases. Businesses should be able to make changes without being told what to do like little children, but they don't do they?
Case in point -- the car companies -- Chrysler is now own by Fiat, Ford is struggling (but the only one with a chance to survive -- and I've put my own money into that notion) and GM will be gone soon -- and, yet, why did this happen? Well, for one thing, no had to force Toyota and the other foreign car companies into building higher mpg cars. They did it and they won the car battle. Now, after taking government money, both Chrysler and GM are closing American plants that employ American workers and leaving foreign plants open. Isn't that a kick in the rubber parts?
Finally, I think in the last eight years, there were bad decisions being made all around. As a country, we're fighting two wars, we cut taxes (for the rich, at least, the middle class is still screwed) and we didn't spend money on infastructure (our roads and bridges are falling apart). Add the thought that when given an option, people will do what is best for the greater good (on a whole) and suddenly, you have banks and investment firms failing left and right.
And, now, the President wants to try to initiate a Pay as you Go plan and he's being critized by a bunch of people (Republicans) who claim to be fiscally responsible and weren't. How else could we increase spending ($10 billion in Iraq every month since the war began total? $720 billion and all of it borrowed, none of it we will see again and someone is now very rich and it ain't me).

God Bless

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Poor Cheryl...

I left Jeff Dunham and Eddie Izzard -- which just proves that I have very wild and varied tastes. Today, at my house arrived two Jeff Dunham videos and an Eddie Izzard video! Yeah! An evening of comedy awaited me!

Except, Cheryl doesn't like Eddie Izzard -- oh, what should I do? It's Brian to the rescue! Cheryl's going out to dinner with him on Thursday, leaving me at home to watch Eddie Izzard!!!

My life is so sad, isn't it?

The GOP Has Two Faces

I need to give Credit where Credit is due...This came in an email from The Rant... I just wanted to pass it along to my readers.

God Bless

If a Republican offers you a pat on the back, be wary. It seems the Party of No has a new plan for the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court: Say one thing in public, another in private.

You saw the footage: Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., called Judge Sotomayor "animated" and "engaged" and said he enjoyed meeting with her. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., warmly welcomed Judge Sotomayor to his office. How sweet.

Or not. According to an account in The Hill, the pleasantries are all for show. Behind closed doors, political minions are cinching up their boxing gloves. As her boss was being chummy with Judge Sotomayor, a McConnell aide, Lanier Swann, gave her thumb's up to a group of right-wing activists.

"'Swann told us she wanted to encourage all of us in our talking points and that we're having traction among Republicans and unnerving Democrats,' said an attendee of Wednesday's weekly meeting hosted by Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform. 'The point was we should keep it up. She told us at this meeting to put our foot on the pedal.'"

"Keeping it up" in this case might mean calling Judge Sotomayor a "reverse racist," as radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh did. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich left it at "racist," though he later clarified, saying she had said racist things. No apology was offered.

The chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., called the winking and nudging "disingenuous."

"This is the exact type of a Washington political game that offends Americans," he said. "When you try to appear thoughtful and open-minded in front of the cameras, but behind closed doors wink to your right-wing friends to keep up the vicious attacks, it is a strategy that is not only disingenuous, but it also does a disservice to the confirmation process."

Goverment & Energy

Have you noticed that the gas prices are inching up to the three dollar mark? Normally, I am not someone who thinks the government can do it better than private enterprise, but there are some things too important to be left to the whims of business. I think an exception should be our country's energy. Higher gas prices this summer is going to hinder the economy's all ready difficult recovery.
Perhaps, our government should to put a stop to these high prices. How? I'm not sure.
God Bless

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Top Of My Head...

Just a couple of items...

  • If you're wondering, my co-worker, Tony, is doing much better. He is beginning rehab on Monday. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
  • There's going to be some changes around the site. I want to combine my love of politics, books, video games and online comics into one new fantastic site. Also, I'm trying to re-launch my web design / computer programming business and I've decided the business name should be Top Of My Head. I'm in the middle of designing the new site. The first change will be to move this blog off the front page, so please don't be surprised when I roll that out. I hope you will like the new site.
  • If you live new Oswego, IL and you're into futbol (or soccer, for those who don't know what futbol is), then check out the new league Fury Futbol. You can find their site at http://www.furysoccer.org/.
  • For those of you who checked out the above link and liked what you saw, I designed it. If you would like one like it, I am available to design a site similar and include one year of hosting for $250.00. This is a limited offer on my HTML, PHP skills. Please contact me at websitedesign@topofmyhead.info.

God Bless

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