Saturday, December 30, 2006

They Really Did It...

Holy cow!  They really hanged Saddam Hussein!  I can't believe it. I'm sure he couldn't believe it either.  I did not think that we would really hang someone or allow someone to be hanged.  Plus, although I didn't see the entire video, CNN has a nice shot of Hussein in his noose.

Are we really that barbaric? 

I guess so.

But, here's what I want to know...

We start a war with Iraq.  We have Iraq's ex-leader hanged for a crime committed 24 years ago.  And, Bin Laden -- who is related to the Saudi royal family and who killed over 3,000 Americans -- is still running free.

We can kill all the Middle East leaders we want, but until we actually capture someone who has directly harmed America, I don't care.

God Bless

Friday, December 29, 2006

Donald Trump

Perhaps, I've missed something. I haven't watched the View all week and my DVR gave out, so I missed it last week, too. I didn't hear Rosie's comments about Donald Trump, except a small snippet played on the radio. I have heard a huge portion of Trump's comments, which I think are out of line.

Now, I see on that Trump is saying that Rosie's girlfriend (Donald, they were married a couple of years ago, so Kelly is Rosie's wife) needs to trade up. This disgusts me to no end. Would he get way with this speech if Rosie was a man married/dating a woman? Probably not.

And, why are we giving this blowhard the time of day? (Especially myself, as I should know better).

While I admire Mr. Trump for moving on up, so to speak, I think he's going overboard. Let it go, Donald, just let it go. Continuing this feud is not helping anyone, least of all those of us who didn't want to be in the middle in the first place.

God Bless

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards for President

I like John Edwards, really I do. In fact, I think I voted for him in the primary when he ran the last time and I really voted for Kerry for just two reasons:
1) I dislike Bush
2) I like John Edwards.

BUT, did he have to throw his hat in the ring this early in the game? Can he really keep the momentum going all the way to the White House? I don't think so. Personally, I don't think anyone can.

Personally, I think discussing the next Presidential race when it is still a year away is just too soon. We have issues that need to be resolved now, not in two years when a new president takes over. I think our politicians spend way too much time campaigning and not enough time running the country, but maybe, that's just me.

God Bless

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Ford

I'm sure you have all ready heard the news about President Ford passing away at the age of 93. I just have four comments to make.

1) I remember him fondly as when my third grade class sent him letters -- way back in the last century -- we received letters back (although, I sure not signed by him) along with a picture of him and his family in the Oval office. I thought this was cool. I have never received a photo from any other president to whom I've written a letter.

2) I think he did a good thing when he pardoned Nixon because then we as a country could just move on. I'm sure, however; that's why Carter defeated him in the 1976 election.

3) Did you know that President Ford was the only President to have served as both President and Vice-President without being elected to either office? He was, also, our longest lived President -- according to my mother.

4) Finally, CNN quoted Jimmy Carter saying something nice about Ford and referred to former President Carter as "the former Georgia governor." (Read Story Here) Shouldn't it have said, "the former President"?

Godspeed, President Ford. I hope Heaven is all you have hoped for.

God Bless

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Soldier's Remains...

Did you know this, because I didn't. If a soldier -- who served their country with honor -- is "convicted of capital crimes and sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole from being interred at military cemeteries" (Read CNN article here). after being discharged, they cannot be buried in the national cemeteries.

I don't really think that's fair, do you?

Being buried in a national cemetery is a honor because you served your country, not for anything you did prior to serving your country or after. Apparently, the original bill was signed into law by President Clinton in 1997. However; due to the loophole that stated sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole, Russell Wayne Wagner's remains were allowed to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

He was convicted of murdering two elderly people whether he was appealing this, I don't know. He would've been eligible for parole in 2017, but he died in prison of a heroin overdose. Back in January, President Bush removed the loophole that allowed Wagner to be buried in Arlington. Now, the law reads any capital crime. On Friday, President Bush signed the "veterans' health care and benefits bill" and attached to that bill was the order to remove Wagner's remains from Arlington. (I should note that Wagner did appeal his conviction -- Read that story here.)


Did the man serve his country well? Yes, he did. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1969 after serving in Vietnam.

Did he have troubles after Vietnam? Yeah, apparently, he did.

Should we make his family remove his cremated remains because of those problems? No, we shouldn't.

I feel sorry for Vernon G. Davis (the son of the couple Wagner murdered). I can't imagine what kind of Hell he must be going through. But, I feel sorry for Wagner as well. A lot of Vietnam Vets fell through the cracks and ended up on the wrong side of the law. It doesn't negate the good they did while in the military.

But, I guess in today's world, it does and that's a shame.

God Bless

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Yesterday, I arrived home from work (I have President's Day off of work, but NOT the day after Christmas -- go figure!) to find two little guys waiting for me.  Yep, da boys are back in town!  They'll be here until tomorrow, when they go see Grandpa in Illinois and they'll be back on Saturday to go to my parents.

Apparently, the only person who knew that they were coming was my mom, who is almost never in the loop!  She managed to keep it a secret from me.

So, this am, I was awaken by Danny singing a song and laughing at 6AM.  He managed to wake me and Alex.  I brought him into bed, but he was having no part of going back to sleep, so Cheryl took over and I got ready for work.  Gotta love them boys.

Alex was crying when I went to bed last night, so I brought him into bed with me.  He managed to sleep quite well, but I tossed and turned all night.  Somehow that little bundle of 30lbs of joy can take up most of the bed!  He kicks a lot and makes noises as he sleeps.  He's, also, fascinated by the ceramic Christmas tree that is in our bedroom.  He kept waking up and pointing at it, making sure to wake me as well, so I could look at the pretty lights with him.

I'm here at work, which means that I don't get to be home playing with them, which is a bummer, but we have all night. 

We had Christmas last night, but da boys were more interested in the bags and paper that wrapped the presents rather than the presents themselves.  Gotta love kids.  I swear if I gave them an empty box, they would be thrilled with that!

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Did you have a Merry Christmas?

For three days -- December 23, 24 & 25th -- I didn't watch the news, read a newspaper or listen to the radio (outside of Christmas music).  It was great.

Who needs news when there is Christmas to think about?

What I did do was get to spend time with my family -- and isn't that the most important thing?

On Christmas Eve, Scott and family came up for dinner.  Brian, my son, and his fiance, Heather, came a little after dinner.  A nice time was had by all.  We exchanged some presents and basically hung out.  We did manage to catch the last half of "It's a Wonderful Life".  A very good movie, which is no longer played like crazy, which is a shame.

My mom -- who is out of the hospital, thanks for asking -- is feeling pretty good and she was in her element Christmas giving orders on how to prepare the meal.  We didn't have ham like we usually do -- my brother, Scott, and his wife do not like ham. (Which is crazy?  Who doesn't like ham?)  So, we had turkey, which I don't like, but he is Mom's favorite, so who am I to complain?

Kim should be here with Dustin and da boys within the next couple of days, so Christmas continues.

By the way, am I the only person who misses the Christmas songs on December 26th?

God Bless

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Family Video

Okay, is it just me or is it wrong for a place to call itself FAMILY Video when it will be opened from noon to midnight on CHRISTMAS?!? Don't they care whether or not their staff gets to have any family time? Who needs to be out there renting videos on Christmas Day? It's bad enough that there will be football being played when families need to spend time together.

We wonder what has happened to family values in this country and this is what has happened to family values. We have placed renting videos higher than spending time with our families. The right wing can blame gay people all they want for the deterioration of family values, but in reality capitalism is killing our family values.

God Bless!

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Taking the high road...

The only thing I knew about Representative Keith Ellison was that he the first Muslim ever elected to Congress. That was yesterday.

Now, I've read a CNN article and I believe that he is a man of integrity.

Here's the background, Representative Goode is all up in arms about Representative Ellison wanting to use a Qu'ran when being sworn into Congress. Further, Goode has been making all kinds of remarks about how we don't need more Muslims in this country and equating electing Ellison to supporting illegal immigration.

Representative Ellison has refused to call Goode a bigot. He has even gone as far as to say he looks forward to meeting Goode and he hopes Goode would take the time to learn about the Muslim religion. Ellison wants to find some common ground.

What a stand up guy. He's right. We need to find common ground.

And, what does Goode have to say?

"I wish more people would take a stand and stand up for the principles on which this country was founded."

Excuse me? Our country was founded on the principles that we would have the freedom of religion. Representative Goode, you are not standing up for the principles on which our country stands. You are standing upon the hollow ground of those who are scared -- scared of people of a different religion, scared of those of a different race, scared of those of a different sexual orientation.

America, my America, is a melting pot of races, backgrounds and religions. America has the best of all countries because we strive for togetherness and tolerance.

I so hope, Representative Goode, that in the spirit of giving, especially in this season of Advent, that you can see your way clear to meeting with Representative Ellison. As Sam Hutson once said, "A Nation divided against itself cannot stand." We need to unite our country as we never have before. We are fighting a Civil War without firing a shot and we certainly cannot have Representatives slinging arrows before they even meet.

I give credit to Representative Ellison for not lowering himself to the name calling that no one would blame him for if he did. I beg Representative Goode to take a step back and do the same.

MerryChristmas & God Bless!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

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I wonder if that's what Cheryl thinks...

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I wasn't going to say anything...

But what in the H E double hockey sticks is wrong with Republican Rep. Virgil Goode? Who in the world does he think he is? I don't really give a rat's butt if a representative is sworn into congress holding a Bible or the Qu'ran. Big whoop! However; Representative Goode seems to think that Muslim lawmakers are somehow responsible for our illegal immigration issues. I'd like to know how since the first Muslim representative was just elected.

Goode is racist and he's the worst kind of racist, as he is a man of power and he doesn't see just how wrong he is...

He said (and I'm quoting from the CNN article):

"I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped."

Really? And, just what are our values and beliefs that are traditional to the US? I seem to recall that slavery used to be a tradition and value we held. Jim Crow laws were a tradition and value that we held. Being against interracial marriages was a tradition and value. Are those the traditions and values to which we will hold? Isn't religious freedom a tradition and value we hold in this country? I thought it was.

But, apparently, Representative Goode, along with many of his Republican buddies, have forgotten that 1) this country was built by immigrants and 2) Religious freedom was the whole reason the pilgrims landed here in the first place.

Added note: Goode mentions that we will have more Muslims if we do not stem immigration, but what he failed to note is that Representative Ellison is a convert to Islam and NOT a Muslim immigrant. Just wanted to point that out.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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Some Days...

Some days, I just don't care about politics or celebrities or work. Sometimes, I just wonder what the world would be like when you go out at twenty years old and have a good time -- better than you probably should -- if someone didn't send your butt to rehab.

And, let's talk about rehab. Why is it all of a sudden you do something embarrassing or illegal or unethical and you go into rehab? Are all the world's troubles because someone can't control his or her drinking? Does this make sense to you? It doesn't make sense to me.

And, let's not get upset when someone says, "Happy Holidays." You know my response, "Merry Christmas." I smile and I don't get upset. I don't take it as an attack on Christianity. I take it as the person either doesn't celebrate Christmas or they like saying "Happy Holidays."

And, for the record, the Christmas tree is NOT a symbol of Christ's everlasting life. The lights are NOT a symbol that Jesus brought light into the world. A Christmas tree is a pagan symbol used to celebrate the winter solstice. Christians used said symbol in order to hide themselves and celebrate Christ's birth without drawing attention. Know why there's (or there will be as soon as I put it up) a Christmas tree in my living room. I don't do it for Christ. I do it to recognize all those Christians that came before me. Those men and women who had to hide their faith, had to hide their belief in God and Jesus. I put it up to honor those who have fallen for their faith and their beliefs. Because if those Christians didn't do all of that, I couldn't attend mass without fear. I would still have to hide my cross around my neck.

So, God bless those who came before me. The ones who practiced their faith in secrecy, so I can practice in the open.

God bless the men and women who have served our country in good times and bad. And, God bless those who are still serving, whether overseas or here at home. Thank you for protecting me, so that I may write this blog without fear that my or another government will hunt me down.

God bless my many readers who have left comments or sent emails throughout the year, especially those with whom I've disagreed because through disagreement we can, hopefully, find middle ground. And, God bless your love ones, no matter who they may be.

God bless my grandsons, children, wife and extended family, because all of them make my days more special and full of life.

So, as Tiny Tim -- that wise child once said, "God bless us, everyone".

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Senator Brownback is a self-servicing jerk

Judge Neff apparently attended a lesbian marriage ceremony in 2002. Senator Brownback, who wants the Republicans to vote for him in 2008, is making an issue of this. Now, I don't know who's wedding she attended, but it is none of the bad Senator's business. Nor, is it ours. He wants her to promise to not rule on any same sex marriage cases that might come before her. What kind of crapola is that?

Look, if we're going to bring this issue to the forefront, than I want anyone who is personally against gay marriage to not be allowed to rule on it. Fair is fair. If a judge has made a public statement against gay marriage he or she should not be allowed to make a ruling...

Except, I believe that our judges in this country are better than that. I believe that a judge can make an impartial and constitutional ruling on anything based solely on the facts of the case. I'm going to ignore that Senator Brownnose isn't smart enough to realize that our constitution actually supports gay marriage and concentrate on judges.

Some judges have to throw out evidence that places a murderer or a rapist back on the streets. I'm sure that judge doesn't not personally believe a murderer or rapist belongs on the streets because of a technicality. What a judge does (and if they don't, they should) do is weigh whether or not the case has merit, the cops did their jobs and nothing more.

I believe -- and maybe I'm naive -- that judges can interrupt the law not in their best interests, but in the best interest for the greater good.

This is the United States of America and while I believe we're the greatest (although not perfect) country on this planet, I also believe that we have the greatest judges.

It's too bad that our self-serving Senators don't believe that.

God Bless

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Monday, December 18, 2006

What's up...

My cousin, Peggy (Hi, Peggy), sent me an email wanting to know why I hadn't posted in two weeks. Well, it's been a busy two weeks and I thought that I would share with you:

I finished my finals and a 15 page paper, so now I'm a college graduate. I had to put the blog on hold for school and Christmas as here it is less than 10 days away and our tree still isn't up and I haven't had time to send one card!

Further, my brothers and I planned an anniversary party for my parents. It was their 40th. All I can say is that it went well and I can't believe all that planning and work was over in such a short time.

The boys were here for the last half of November and the first part of December. I love when they come to visit. I've discovered that the more active they are, the less pictures I take. They came to the anniversary party and guess what moron forgot to take pictures of them in their cute little outfits! (Yeah, me, I was busy)

Cheryl and I went to her Christmas party at work and I met Chris Gardner. The man is awesome and I terrific speaker. Can't wait to start reading his book.

Anyway, that's where I've been!

God Bless!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Robert Altman died a couple of weeks ago and I was bummed. I liked his movies and I was a big fan. I had hoped that the new heart would mean that he would really have forty more years, like he said at the Oscars.

Poor Lindsay Lohan, who is having enough problems right now, writes a condolence email and suddenly the whole world is picking on her for her lack of grammar skills.

Can we just leave her alone? Have we really gotten so nuts in this country that a poorly written condolence email is the talk of the town? Don't we have more important things to discuss?

I guess not.

God Bless

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