Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Every 11 seconds, a customer returns to AT&T...

only to have their information stolen by hackers.

I heard an ad on the radio this morning encouraging me to come back to AT&T for my phone and high speed Internet services. Well, I don't think so...

The savings, which isn't much since the offer on the radio didn't include Satellite, isn't worth having to worry about my data being on their computers...

Don't you agree?

God Bless

Gas Price Update...

I don't know if you noticed, but gas prices have dropped from a high of $3.19 down to $2.89.  The price of a barrel of gasoline is $69.20.  Don't feel bad for the oil companies, they are still making a profit of $0.43 per gallon, which is a profit margin of over 17%.

Just wanted to pass that on...

God Bless

They Left Him to Die...

Regular readers know that I do not advocate the death penalty. I am usually someone who wants the people to be placed in jail for life, but in the case of Liz and David Carroll, Jr, I'm willing to put aside my convictions.

Maybe, it's just because I'm PMSing. Maybe, it's just because Cheryl and I have spent thousands of dollars so we can have a child of our own. Maybe, it's because I'm a grandmother and I can't understand how anyone could be so heartless.

The Carroll's wrapped this little innocent boy in a blanket and tied his hands behind his back and left him to die in a closet. I can't imagine the pain and suffering this little guy had to go through before Jesus took him home, but just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

I want these people dead, dead, dead and more dead. I want them to be placed in a closet, wrapped in a blanket and tied up, all alone until the Devil calls them home. And, I want their mouths taped up, so the Good Lord above cannot hear their pleas for mercy.

I know I shouldn't, but I do. At least I know I'm not a perfect Christian.

God Bless

Another PayPal Scam...

I received the following email from a PayPal scammer.  I'm posting it here so that all of my readers can be aware of this new way to get your account information.  I have reported it to PayPal.

If you receive an email like this, please, please, please DO NOT click anywhere on it.  Forward the email directly to  They will do their best to get the scammer site shutdown.


From: "PayPal" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 1:08 AM
Subject: Please review your information!



Dear valued PayPal® member,

We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your PayPal account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third part. Protecting the security of your account and of the PayPal network is our primary concern.
Therefore, as prevention measure, we have temporarely limited access to sensitive PayPal account features.We encourage customers to get their information up-to-date and change password often.

PayPal has assigned you an unique tracking number.
Unique tracking number :

Please review your information after loging in. Use only your assigned unique URL.
Click this button to access your unique URL (! please read below for security tips) and gain full access:

For more information about how to protect your account, please visit PayPal's Security Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire PayPal system. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

ayPal has assigned you an unique tracking number. URL in your browser's address bar should begin with " http:// " following your tracking number.

Unique tracking number :

Copyright © 2006 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I want...

I want...
    to always remember the first time I held each of my grandsons.
I want...
    my grandsons to grow up and make the world a better place.
I want...
    to spend the rest of my days loving my wife.
I want...
    to remember that the second greatest commandment is to Love Thy Neighbor.
I want...
    to live my life remembering to Love my Neighbor.
I want...
    to be the good person my dog thinks I am.
I want...
    to learn something new every day.
I want...
    to just for one day, live in a world that is at peace.
I want...
    to remember to thank God for every day I'm given.
I want...
    to live long enough to see my grandchildren's grandchildren.
I want...
    to be a good mom.
I want...
    to be the greatest Nana ever.
I want...
    to be the change I want to see in the world.
I want...
    to leave the world in better shape than how I found it.
I want...
    to pay $1.50 for a gallon of gas again.
I want...
    to marry Cheryl again in a legal ceremony and not just the religious one we had.
I want...
    all the people of the world to realize that we're all in this together and if we keep fighting, we will end up killing ourselves.
I've learned...
    that life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

I've learned...
    that we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.

I've learned...
    that money doesn't buy class.

I've learned...
    that it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.

I've learned...
    that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.

I've learned...
    that the Lord didn't do it all in one day.  So, what makes me think I can?

I've learned...
    that to ignore the facts does not change the facts.

I've learned...
    that the less time I have to work, the more things I get done.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Katherine Harris Religious Nut

Have any of these people who claim that the founding fathers intended this to be a Christian nation actually read a history book? Oh, wait, they'd probably claim that the history books have liberal bias!

Katherine Harris stated on Saturday, "If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin."

Wonder how many Jewish law makers take offense to that?

I know I take offense.

If these Bible Thumpers would read their Bibles instead of thumping them, they might learn something.

If these Constitution Thumpers would read the Constitution instead of thumping it, they might learn some more.

Hey, if there isn't a separation of Church and State in this country, then why aren't Churches paying property taxes?

When they start paying their fair share of taxes in this nation, I'll start singing the praises of all these so-called Christian legislatures.

BTW, if she really is a "Christian", why isn't she at home taking care of her husband and subjecting herself to him like St. Paul taught? And, if she really read the Constitution, she might come to the realization that our founding fathers never intended for women to hold position of leadership in our nation.

God Bless

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ann Coulter -- Still Stupid After All This Time...

When asked what about Osama Bin Laden, (click above link to see the discussion)Ann Coulter responded, "As for catching Osama um it's, it's a irrelevant. Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan. He's like a fading movie star in Afghanistan now."

The man who masterminded 9/11 -- the person who was behind it all -- the one who is still out there sending videos and messages -- this guy is "irrelevant"?


Don't you think that the blond bitch would be all over a Democratic administration if they couldn't come up with the world's most hunted man?

Mission is NOT accomplished. We are recalling inactive Marines -- 2500 -- to serve their country some more and now NOBODY wants to find Bin Laden?

Least of all the woman who make Hitler look like a good guy, Ann Coulter.

God Bless.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jail time for Osment, but Gibson gets probation?

Hailey Joel Osment, the young kid from "Sixth Sense", was busted for drinking and driving. Yeah, I know he's underage and I realize that he did get into an accident, but still, as far as I know, this is his first offense, so why is he not getting probation?

Mel Gibson told off a cop -- something I find totally appalling -- and he gets a lousy three years of probation. Plus, look at the age difference. Isn't it worse when a guy Gibson's age (ie, someone old enough to know better) does something stupid -- drinking and driving -- then when an 18 year old does it?

Now, I'm not a person who believes in leniency for drunk drivers by any means. I just can believe the disparity between Gibson's sentence and Osment's.

God Bless

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

#2 guy at McDonald's leaves...

Think he was just trying to avoid a heart attack?

BTW, I love the new chicken wraps.

God Bless

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Da Boys Again...

Yeah, I know the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket. I'm working on finals this week, so I'm going to be a little lax in updating with the well-thoughout and researched articles to which you have grown accoustomed.

But, since the boys came to visit this weekend, I thought I'd post some pictures of them. I love it when they're here. There is nothing better than seeing their faces in the morning. Even though Alex has been quite the crappy guy in the morning. He begins the day with loud screaming. Danny, however; sits in the playpen and talks to himself. When he gets bored, he begins saying, "Hey, hey, hey" in order to get Alex's attention.

But, I love them and they love me.

And, that's what makes life worthwhile.

God Bless

These pictures are from Cheryl's company picnic we attended on Saturday.

I've posted video from the day on the Babie Video page.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Kill all the conservatives...

I read an article over at The Other Side Of My Mouth and it got my mind racing, so I'm going to make a statement and see just how many complaints I get.

I'm going to paraphrase Vicki McKenna and say:

I urge you, my gentle readers to challenge the right-ended world view of the mainstream media until we kill them. Kill them until they are deader than dead.

What do you think?

God Bless

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't call me anti-business...

I am really and truly sick and tired of being called anti-business because I lean a little to the left. Why can't a company be expected to pay decent wages to its employees? Why should a company be allowed to not offer affordable -- and, good-- health insurance which leaves the states to pick up the slack.

Back in the days when I was downsized a couple of times in a row, I had been looking into getting healthcare from one of the temporary companies for whom I worked. They wanted nearly $200 a month, but I would have a $500 deductible and half of the medications I was on at the time were not covered. Nor, were some doctor visits. But, yet, the company did "provide" health insurance -- just not good health insurance.

So, why shouldn't Democrats have a problem with Wal-Mart? The company is owned by the riches families in American, yet pays some of the lowest wages. And, it isn't jus Wal-Mart. Numerous companies post high profits, yet low pay raises for their employees. Someone's getting rich while the middle class just gets dumped on and taxed to death. The Republicans have had since 1994 to come up with a better plan. They added the White House to the mix in 2001 and yet, the middle class is shrinking and the upper 1% is just getting richer.

Exactly how can they think their way is the RIGHT way, when the nation is not headed in the right direction?

God Bless

And, now a judge who should be unbenched...

Judge Gary McKinley stated the following, I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm going to. I see positive things about participating in football." Then, he decided that two high school students would be allowed to serve their sixty day sentences AFTER football season is over.

Here's what these two morons did (as reported on CNN):

The "teens stole the decoy from a man's home, created a base to help it stand upright because it had only two legs, and then drove up and down the road, watching as drivers swerved to avoid it, prosecutor Brad Bailey said. He said Howard did not stop the prank."

And, what happened?

Robert Roby Jr. swerved to avoid hitting the deer and crashed his car into a pole. He "broke his neck, collarbone, arm and leg. His passenger, Dustin Zachariah, suffered brain damage."

These two kids cause injuries to two people -- serious, life threatening and life changing injuries -- and they get to go home and play football?

Judge McKinley, you should be found in contempt of court for a stupid, slap on the wrist sentence like that. These boys should not have been tied as minors, but as adults. If Mr. Roby and Mr. Zachariah had died from their injuries, would Campbell and Howard been allowed to play basketball, too?

God Bless

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is my hero

Finally, a judge has enough guts to say and do what should've been said and done a long time ago. Spying on US Citizens without a warrant is illegal and must be stopped. Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is the only judge who decided to actually read the constitution!

God Bless

Misleading Ads

On my way into work this morning, I heard an ad that claimed that John Lehman is the reason that Honda built a plant in Alabama instead of where it belonged -- Wisconsin.  I didn't hear who sponsored it.  So, I decided to research this issue to find out if this is true and what do I find on the Internet?  Two more radio ads (in pdf. format) saying the same thing, only this time the Honda plant was built in Indiana.

Excuse me, but how can you blame John Lehman for single handedly ruining the chances of two different plants, both for the same company?

Sounds to me like someone is trying to mislead the public because Representative Lehman is running for State Senator.

Further, the little "fact checking" at the bottom of the ads claims that the statement "
In fact, he’s making things worse." (he being John) is backed up by 28.6% Cumulative WMC Voting Record, 1997-Present.  No where in that "fact" does it list how things were made worse.

There are other so called facts at the bottom that list bills Representative Lehman voted against.  I'll research the full text of them and post it here.

In this upcoming election, since the Republicans have passed NOTHING that will help the state of Wisconsin, I think they're skating on thin ice.

I would, also, like to point out that Lehman's opponent, McReynolds, voted for a 19 million dollar jail in Racine.  I'm sure that's done a lot for Racine.

God Bless

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are they all bigots?

It seems more and more you can find an article showing the true colors of the right wing. They really do look at people of color and see a human being that is less than they are.

Here's proof of another one:

Republican Senator George Allen made the following remark at a campaign rally - singling out a man of Indian descent: "Let's give a welcome to Macaca here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia."

That's rich, S.R. Sidarth "was born and raised in Fairfax County."

God Bless


When I was 2 1/2, my Grandpa Totsch decided that it was time I learned how to climb a chainlink fence. According to my father (as I have no memory of this), Grandpa showed me how to put my foot into the fence and pull myself up. This very much upset my mother, as once I learned to climb, there wasn't a fenced in yard that could hold me.

It was in that tradition that when Alex showed an interest in climbing the fence at the pool, I totally -- most likely without his mother's approval -- encouraged him.

I've posted a video on the Baby's video page.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Anti-Ann T-shirt...

I was wearing this t-shirt this past weekend and someone asked me where he could get one, so this post is for him...

Again with Da Boys!

Here's Danny and me riding the helicopter ride.

The water was cold and Danny wasn't happy about that.

Cheryl and Alex on the helicopter ride.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Pictures of the boys...

Today we went to a place called Bay Beach. It has rides for kids and a nice wading pool. Here are some of today's pictures...Also, I've posted videos.

This is the boys and me this am.

This is Danny, just awaiting to go!

Alex and Danny Playing nice!

Are we going, Nana, or what?

Merry Go Round...

Keep watching this space - I've got more pictures coming! Also, Check out the videos page, I've posted quite a few!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back from the Zoo

We had a great time at the zoo with the boys. We saw lions and giraffes and otters. I'll post a video montage of our day later.

Here are some pictures of us at the Zoo.

Danny had a pooping accident that was so bad that it took both Mommy and Grandma to clean up. So, that left Nana and Alex on there own.

What to do, what to do?

Hey, that carousel looks like fun...

Da Boys...

I'm up here with Da Boys. They stayed up late last night so I could see them before bedtime. Now, they're eating breakfast and Grandma is watching over them, while I duck in here and post the new pictures. (Note to Dad: Look what Danny's wearing!)

Enjoy the pictures! Videos to follow! Oh, and last night, I was carrying Danny and Alex held my hand and walked from the kitchen to the living room, like a big boy.

God Bless

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Interesting development...

Seems that an anti-Gore Internet video on YouTube wasn't designed, according to the Wall Street Journal article by a 29 year old living in Beverly Hills. The IP address came "from a computer registered to DCI Group, a Washington, D.C., public relations and lobbying firm whose clients include oil company Exxon Mobil Corp."

Well, well, well... A little bashing of an environmentalist? Very interesting...

Exxon claims they had nothing to do with the video -- Big surprise there! Wish I had seen that coming!

Difference between Liberals and these new Neo-Conservatives (who just think they are, but they aren't), stuff like this.

Paramont -- the distributor of Mr. Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" -- created a YouTube video, but they had the decency to put their name on it.

God Bless!

Thomas Coughlin has to stay home for 27 months....

Don't know about you, but I know for a fact if I stole $500,000.00 from my company, I wouldn't be so lucky to get house arrest! I can't believe this is what he gets because of "fragile health"? Please, if I was dying of cancer, the judge would put my butt in jail. Some sentence.

Hey, anyone know if there's any truth to the union busting he's claiming? I know Wal-Mart, like a certain ex-owner of a Kenosha trucking company, hates unions.

Funny, tho'. I just heard that Wal-Mart in China is unionized. They didn't have a choice or something. Don't know if that's true or not, but it makes it interesting.

God Bless!

Arrests Bolster G.O.P. Bid To Claim Security as Issue - New York Times

What a load of crap!!! (Make sure you read the whole article)

According to the article, "U.S. government officials say there were two phone calls made from London to the United States recently by suspects. Those calls were tracked down and investigated, but there is no evidence of any involvement of people in the United States in the alleged plot."

What does that mean?

It means that our safeguards aren't working. It means that the Republican controlled government STILL cannot protect our citizens.

It means they investigated phone calls and still didn't uncover this plot. It means we should be grateful to the Muslim community in Britain. Because we didn't stop this, they did.

It means that for all their big talk about being tough on security and their smokescreens, the REPUBLICANS are throwing money down a hole and we're not any safer than we were when we bombed (without support from anyone but Tony Blair) Iraq.

It means that we have spent billions upon billions and Al Queda is still coming up with ways to blow our planes out of the sky.

Isn't that a scary thought?

Aren't you glad that George W. Bush and his Washington Republican friends have our backs?

Doesn't it make you sleep better at night?

It shouldn't.

God Bless


Cheryl and I will be going to Door County after Labor Day, as per our usual vacation plans. A co-worker of Cheryl's gave us a card to get a special friends and family rate at a hotel. Well, the special $49.00 per night rate wasn't available at all for the week we want to stay.

Okay, fine.

Next, I went to, Travelocity and to check out their special rates. Well, they were all in the 95 - 105 range. There is no way I'm paying that much money for a hotel room when I know the place will be more than half empty because basically no one is visiting Door County the week after Labor Day. And, I mean nobody! That's why we go there. Lots of room, rarely have to stand in line and the hotel swimming pool all to myself. Plus, the weather is still nice.

Now, later in the month, when the leaves start changing, well, then there are a lot of people there and the hotels can charge more. But, don't even try to convince me that you would rather have the room empty than allow me to pay a lower rate.
Anyway, I called the Comfort Inn, where we stayed last year. The hotel has wireless access, friendly service, clean and an indoor pool -- everything I need for a vacation. Plus, there are fridges & microwaves in the rooms. Well, I didn't get the $49.00 rate, but I did get a fairly good rate.

So, it just pays to call the hotel direct rather than rely on a website.

God Bless

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogs You should Check Out...

Well, I'm always surfing and checking things out, so I thought I'd pass on a few interesting blogs and sites I have found: -- These two guys are going to ride their bikes cross-country to raise money. Man, I wish I had the courage to do something like that. -- When you need to know something about something, this is the place to check first. I received an invitation to join, but I screwed it up and it got lost somehow. I've got to make this a priority to get another one. -- A free encyclopedia. I've used it for research and it is the bombdiggity! -- total star gossip. Thought it was cool.

God Bless

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Pulled It Off -- Page 1

I've got to make this fast, as I'm going to pick my cousin up for dinner and Blogger's about to do maintenance, but according to this Time article (click link above) "Mary Matalin, an outside adviser to the White House, signaled the message when she said on Fox News Channel shortly after the polls closed: "MoveOn is not fringe. They're the heart of the party.""

Now, I don't always agree with MoveOn, but if you read the whole article, it's almost saying that Republicans think Democrat bloggers are the far left. So, does that make Republican bloggers the far right? I don't assume that every Republican blogger cannot find the left side of the room. I don't think it's fair that they label Democrat bloggers the same way.

I think that the higher ups in the Republican party are losing touch with those of us here on the ground. I'm sure that their blogging supporters would agree.

Maybe, the Republicans could use a little youth blood in their party to get them with the times?

God Bless!

I'm not homophobic! I'm not homophobic!

Theresa R. Deschenes is being sued by a civil rights advocate's office in Rhode Island for verbally harassing and threatening her gay neighbor. According to the article in the NY Blade, Deschenes threatened to kill Kenneth Potts "if you do anything to my daughter."

A similar article on 247 Gay supports this, but has an added paragraph that states, "The Providence Journal reports that during the injunction hearing Potts, 48, testified how his relationship with Deschenes got off poorly in March as he was preparing to move into the apartment house. Soon after telling Deschenes that he was gay and ill, Potts said he received a phone call from Deschenes after she had left her young daughter alone in the apartment upstairs."

Now, we all know that I am all for people being able to say what they want, when they want. If you want to let me know that you disapprove of me because of my religion, sexual orientation or fatness, go right ahead, BUT you have no right to make me uncomfortable in my own home or threaten my life. That falls under the category of harassment and it is wrong. You wouldn't want me to come to your house and announce to your neighbors that you're a jerk, so don't come to mine and do the same thing.

That said, what really caught my eye for this whole thing is that Deschenes claims that despite the
anti-gay slurs she used, she isn't homophobic. Really? Your first thought when dealing with a gay neighbor is to make anti-gay comments and you're NOT homophobic? Girl, you're living in a dream world. You're homophobic. Trust me I know.

On a good note,
Deschenes apologized for her comments. So, Potts should forgive her, as a good Christian should. Let the healing begin.

God Bless

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bengal Fans Can Report Issues in Stands

On one hand, I applaud the Cincinnati Bengals for creating a hotline number to be able to report bad behavior in the stands -- 513-381-JERK. On the other hand, I just think how sad this is that they feel the need to do so.

I have been to just two professional football games in my life -- both at Soldier Field and both during the 1980's. (Remember, when the Bears had lots of winning seasons). Anyway, I was 11 at the first game and we had tickets really close to the 50 yard line. I remember how nice the people were because I had my arm in a sling. People moved out of our way, so not to jostle me. No one got so drunk that they couldn't control themselves. No one swore so bad that my father had to worry about us kids hearing.

But, the times they are a-changin' and I wonder if it isn't for the worst and not the better.

Why do you have to get so drunk at a football game that you can't control yourself? Why can't you have a couple of beers and have a good time without getting into a fight?

What happened to just common decency?

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

God Bless

Old Post --What happened to Helping those Less fortunate?

I found the below post in my drafts and I had thought I had posted it, but I was wrong, wasn't I? Anyway, I'm posting it now. Happy Reading!

I keep hearing about how we are a Christian nation. That's why we're bombing Muslims back into the stone age in Iraq and that's why the Federal and State governments are voting to "protect" marriage from those anti-Christian, evil gay people.

But, when the President's 2007 Budget leaves out the funding for Health Services in schools, I wonder just where the Hell Christianity is now.

There are plenty of pro-life supporters who supported Bush's veto of the stem cell vote. Plenty of pro-lifers who applaud the stopping of abortions in this nation, all in the name of Christianity.

But where are these so-called pro-lifers now?

Why aren't they working to protect the children that are here? I hope to God that I will never have to receive money from the government to help me raise my child. I hope that I never have to make the decision between a doctor's visit and food on the table. I thank God that even in these hard economic times that I am able to keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellys and clothes on our backs.

That's why I support the government when it takes my tax dollars and spreads them around to help those who aren't as fortunate as I am. Sure, there are a few people on the government dole who just don't want to work. But, I know people who took money from the government to get them past some hardtimes -- you know who you are -- and are now on their feet and making some headway.

So, why is our "Christian" President pulling Health Services out of the 2007 budget? Why are we leaving these children, who didn't ask to be born and didn't necessarily want to be here, behind? If we can help them grow into adults, we can't help them grow into productive members of society.

HR 5834 is a bi-partisan bill that will protect the funding for Health Care Services for those in need and yet, it isn't going to get the assistance it needs to pass.

God Bless


Monday, August 07, 2006

More on Gas...

Finally, I found the refining costs per barrel of oil -- $4.33 (2004 figure), so I've taken it and added in the 3.7% inflation to make the refining costs $4.49 per barrel. So, now let's have an honest discussion about how much the oil companies are truly making on a gallon of gas.

A barrel of oil is $76.30, cost of refining $4.49, which makes the grand total $80.79. A barrel is refined down to 42 gallons of material. 55% of this is the gas that runs our vehicles, so the oil company gets 23 gallons of gas for each barrel of oil.

It costs the oil company a total of $1.92 a gallon. According to an article on CNN, 3% of the price of gas is the transportation costs, so that is $0.96 a gallon. Federal Taxes are $.184 per gallon. Wisconsin State Taxes are a whooping $0.309. So, let's add that all together:

Final -- before profit for the gas station and the oil company: $2.52 a gallon. But, I'm paying (and I paid this am) $3.19 per gallon. AND, the barrel price I used was from today and that gas won't be in my tank for three months. So, I read that gas stations make between 4 and 7% per gallon, so let's split the difference and say that the gas station is making 5.5% on a gallon of gas. Now that brings our total to: $2.65, so that means the oil company makes $0.54 on every single gallon they sell. That's a profit of 20.36%

Now, I'm mad!

Let's do a little more figuring. Let's see how much the oil company made per gallon in this same week in 2005 (I don't have my gas prices for 2004 or 2003 with me at the moment).

A Barrel of Oil Cost $55.05 this week in 2005. I'll use the same $4.49 for refining. Total per Barrel: $59.54. The price per gallon comes to just $1.42 -- exactly $0.50 less than today. The transportation costs are $0.07, Fed Taxes are still 0.184 and WI tax is 0.309 (although I this it was really 2 cents cheaper, but since I am not sure, I'm going with this year's tax). Grand Total: $1.99, but again no profit for gas station or oil company, so add in $0.11 for the 5.5% gas station profit and the price per gallon is $2.09. The cost of a gallon of gas this week in 2005 was $2.39 (in case you're wondering, I was bitching then, too). That's a profit of $0.30 per gallon or 12.37%.

What does this mean?

It means that the oil companies have raised their profit margins from 12.37% to 20.36%. That would be great if we, the consumers, had any control over the situation. We don't set the price for the barrel, nor the tax. Nor, really, the amount we consume. I have to get to work. I don't have a choice in putting 500 miles on my car each week. I've looked into bus schedules, but the Racine and Milwaukee bus lines suck, so here I am, paying an outrageous price for gas.

If the oil companies profit margins had gone up a little, say to 15%, I wouldn't think we were getting screwed, but I don't know many companies who can merely raise prices and raise their profits so quick. Mine can't, how about yours?

I have a question I just thought about -- why is it that if I buy toilet paper in bulk, I get a discount, but no one is offering a discount if you purchase a lot of gas?

God Bless

Dog Politics: Frozen Food Giant Gives Therapy Dog Cold Shoulder

Dog Politics: Frozen Food Giant Gives Therapy Dog Cold Shoulder

I could say a lot about this story found on the Dog Politics site, but I couldn't say it better than it was all ready written. So, please take the time -- especially if you're from Canada -- to read about this special dog and her family.

God Bless

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Marilyn Monroe...Reincarnated?

It's not that I don't believe in reincarnation. It's not that I don't believe that all of us have been here before, but come on...

Sherrie Lea Laird is a singer in a Canadian rock band AND she's the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?


If Sherrie Lea Laird is Marilyn Monroe, then I'm Mary Todd Lincoln and Patsy Cline rolled into one -- don't believe me? Well, I'm a little crazy as well as a little wide in the backside (like Mrs. Lincoln) and I sing a little (like Patsy, well, not really like Patsy, but good, well, maybe not that good).

So, why couldn't I be both of them?

God Bless


Bush'’s Embrace of Israel Shock?
According to a NY Times article from today, when President Bush told Ariel Sharon (in 2001, "six months before the Sept. 11") that he would use force to protect Israel it was a shock.


I wouldn't expect President Bush to do anything less than protect Israel at any cost. After all, Sharon removed his people from the Gaza strip, so what's anyone's beef? And, why can't the surrounding Arab countries just leave Israel alone?

Personally, if they don't -- I'm sure there aren't just going to feel the wrath of the US (not that we right now have the military strength to help Israel), but since the Jews are God's chosen people, they'll feel His wrath as well. I'd be more scared of God than Bush, but hat's just me.

More Trouble for Gibson

Mel Gibson is still apologizing for the anti-Semite statements he made. First, I totally disagree with him, but second, as I Christian, I have to forgive him. So, could we discuss something else for a while?

Does this mean Elvis Won't be my Teddy Bear?

According to CNN, Barney -- a six year old Doberman pinscher -- went on a rampage and destroyed numerous Teddy Bears, including one named Mabel that once belonged to Elvis.

Don't they feed that dog?

Elton John is giving fashion advice?
Okay, I give. This one's a joke, right? Mr. John teaching someone else how to dress?
Plus, what's wrong with tatoos? I have two. One's even a Teddy Bear.

Until next time --

God Bless

Quakes hit Cleveland...

Read the article here.

I wonder, is this God's way of getting back at Ohio for voting for Bush?

Just a thought.

God Bless.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are you kidding me?

According to CNN, the deputy that pulled over and arrested Mel Gibson said, "That stuff is booze talking," the deputy [who is Jewish] said. "There's two things that booze does. It amplifies your basic personality. If you are a laid-back kind of person, just an easygoing kind of person, booze is going to amplify that and you'll be just sitting around going how it's a wonderful day.

"But, if you are a high-strung person, it's going to amplify that, and all the bad things are going to come out."

It has always been my understanding that whatever you said while drunk is EXACTLY how you feel. So, if you shout racial epithets, gay slurs or anti-Semite crap, you're a racist, homophobe or anti-Semite.

PERIOD. End of story.

You don't get drunk and suddenly bring despicable words to your lips.

God Bless

Treasury Secretary lays a bomb!

According to the NY Times, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said, "Amid this country's strong economic expansion, many Americans simply aren't feeling the benefits. Many aren't seeing significant increases in their take-home pay. Their increases in wages are being eaten up by high energy prices and rising health care costs, among others."

Well, DUH! I am so glad that we have this man in charge of the Treasury so he could point out things we all ready know!

For once, I'm truly speechless!

God Bless

Richard Taylor

Last Friday, according to an email I received from Center Advocates, Richard Taylor passed away at the age of 81. I never met Mr. Taylor, but I'm sure I would've liked him. He sounds like he was my kind of guy.

Last December, Mr. Taylor and his husband,Ray Vahey, testified for the rest of us by coming out of their nearly 50 year closet to tell their story of love. They have been together since 1956. With the divorce rate at 50% and the added stress of being closeted, I can't imagine how to make a marriage last 50 years. It is quite a shame that Mr. Taylor and Mr. Vahey never got to stand up as a legally married couple in this state -- or any other. We have a real problem in this country when we don't allow loving couples to "marry".

According to the email I received, "Richard was indomitable and free-spirited, walking his Lower East Side neighborhood in his trademark britches, argyle knee socks and stylish hat fit for the season. He survived the Depression, naval battles in the South Pacific in World War II, and decades of blatant homophobia with Ray’s companionship and his trademark saying “think nothing of it;” but I’ll always remember him for his advice to younger activists: “Agitate, agitate, agitate!”"

Godspeed, Mr. Taylor, I'll keep you and Mr. Vahey in my prayers.

The rest of us should hang our heads in shame for keeping up this sham that we are a "Christian" nation when we deny rights to anyone else.

God Bless