Friday, March 31, 2006

My thoughts exactly....

Here's a political cartoon by David Horsey:

I've been saying this all along. Wish the Religious Right could hear Jesus' cry like this.

God Bless.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

McReynolds Doesn't Support Open Government

Racine County Executive Bill "I want a 19million dollar jail" McReynolds does not believe in an open government and he convinced other members of the County Board to agree with him. Two weeks ago, Supervisor Diane Lange "called for the County Board to support 'unconditional commitment to open communication' between the board and the executive branch." Tuesday night, the Board decided that they didn't want any open communication and they don't want county employees to be allowed to speak with elected officials.

Here's my point...

McReynolds is running for Cathy Stepp's Senate seat. He has supported a $19million dollar jail Racine doesn't need. And, now, he doesn't want to keep the lines of communication open.

Just think how well he'll do if he makes it to the Wisconsin Senate!

God Bless

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Comments -- Revisited

On March 21, I wrote an entry about Feingold and the Republican party. This was in relation to Feingold's call for censure of the President for his illegal acts.

Someone calling himself Publius2008 wrote two different comments, disagreeing with my blog and writing that in summary, the President didn't do anything illegal.
"He was intercepting wireless communications that were inbound to the United States and acting on that information pursuant to his war powers granted him by the U.S. Constitution and subsequent authorizations by Congress."

So, I wrote back and stated,
"What war powers granted by the U.S. constitution? Which amendment allows the President not to obtain a warrant in wartime? Which one? Post it, as I'm sure we would all like to see it.

What authorizations by Congress? Post them. I'd like to see the ones that allows a President to circumvent the due process of law."

I haven't heard back from him and I really would like to read his response.

Now, I'm picking on Publius2008, but I've seen this happen on blogs all the time. Someone posts their response, but the either never check back to post facts or answer questions or they cannot present the evidence that what they are saying is fact.

I've looked and I cannot find anything in the Constitution that would allow Bush to intercept wireless communications that are inbound to the United States without obtaining a warrant in order to do so.

Now, if Publius2008 or anyone else would wish to point out that which I have missed, please do so.

God Bless.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I received the following information in an email from the Human Rights Campaign. I called Representative Paul Ryan and -- if you live in his district -- I encourage all my readers to do the same thing.

If you don't live in his district, call your Federal Representative to make your voice heard. Cutting money from supporting education and healthcare is just plain dumb.


We need you to call your Representative TODAY to urge that they vote YES on an important amendment that will increase health and education spending. Without this increase, critical funding for most of the important HIV/AIDS and other federal programs important to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community could be cut. The vote is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 29, so it's urgent that you make your call as soon as possible. Read on for background information, talking points, and your Representative's phone number.

THE ISSUE: President Bush did not include sufficient funds for health and education programs in the budget he submitted to Congress. Senators Specter (R-PA) and Harkin (D-IA) offered a bipartisan amendment in the Senate that passed 73-27 and increased spending for health care and education by $7 billion.

THE VOTE: Your representative sits on the House Budget Committee, which will consider the amendment tomorrow, March 29th. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is offering the same amendment as the Senators did that will increase health and education spending. Without this increase, much needed increases in funding for the CARE Act and the CDC's HIV Prevention Program will be in serious jeopardy.

CALL TODAY: Your Member of Congress is on the House Budget Committee. Call Representative Paul Ryan at (202) 225-3031

THE ASK: Please urge them to vote FOR the DeLauro amendment to increase health and education spending, including those programs that help people living with HIV/AIDS; and those programs which prevent HIV.

LET US KNOW YOU CALLED: e-mail us at to let us know that you called and to tell us what your Representative said.

Thank you! This phone call WILL make a difference.


Human Rights Campaign

As always, God Bless.

Monday, March 27, 2006

An upset White House

According to U.S. News and World Reports, the White House is upset that the so-called Liberal Media has spent more time on the Dubai ports deal than on how Bush's tax cuts have strengthened the economy.

Strengthen the economy? Is he kidding?

How strengthen can the economy be when I'm paying .75 cents more a gallon this year for gasoline than the same time last year. (I know this because I'm anal and I write down my gas costs.)

My gas/electric bill has gone from $90.00 per month -- I use the budget plan -- to roughly $124.00 per month.

It seems to me, from where I sit, the only people making any money in Bush's economy are the gas, oil and electric companies. Us average Joes, we're not making so much.

President Bush is going to spend our tax dollars to stump around the country and try to convince us that Big Media should take the blame for the mess we're in. Also, to stump for the Republicans mid-term elections.

God bless us all, we're gonna need it!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

An interesting slip of the tongue

So, tell me, just how does one mean the word coup and say the word coon? When I think of coup, I think overthrow, so I don't think the word coon would come out of my mouth.

But, they did come out of Dave Lenihan's mouth, while he was praising Condoleeza Rice. He said, according to the CNN article,
"She's been chancellor of Stanford. She's got the patent resume of somebody that has serious skill. She loves football. She's African-American, which would kind of be a big coon. A big coon. Oh my God. I am totally, totally, totally, totally, totally sorry for that."

So, here's my take on it.

First, I don't believe someone should be fired for the slip of the tongue. It seems to me he didn't mean to say the word. Plus, I don't think you should be fired ever for something you said.

Second, I just wonder -- and I don't know anything about this DJ -- but I just wonder if deep down inside, he meant it. I mean, a lot of the right-wing conservatives I know are closet bigots -- so, while Mr. Lenihan was praising MS Rice was it really killing him to do so? It's just a thought and probably a mean one at that, I'm just curious.

God Bless

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Please tell Bush has been misquoted...

According to CNN, President Bush (in West Virginia) said the following:
"Now it's time for a government to get stood up,' Bush said. "There's time for the elected representatives -- or those who represent the voters, the political parties -- to come together and form a unity government. That's what the people want. Otherwise they wouldn't have gone to the polls, would they have?"
First, what the hell does he mean by "time for a goverment to get stood up"? Does this mean he wants us to ignore our government? Ask it out on a date and then not show? (Before I get the Bush supporters writing in, I really think he means it's time for the government to stand up.)

But, come on now. Why can't I expect the leader of the greatest nation on earth to talk as if there's a brain in his head? Why is this so hard?

Now, I have another question, what's the difference between the elected representatives and those who represent the voters? Is Bush implying that some representatives weren't really elected by the people?

And, on a serious note, I'd like all my readers to say a prayer for Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man who converted from Muslim to Christianity and has been arrested for it. (I'm curious how we allowed Afghanistan to not include religious freedom after we destroyed its government, but that's for another discussion.)

One final note, I just received word that a friend of mine from high school, Chris Aho, died last week. We hadn't been closed for a lot of years, but I was saddened at the news of his passing. I offer my condolences to his parents and siblings. I just wanted to post a goodbye here. BTW, Chris, if you're able to read this wherever you are, the answer is John Lennon. Godspeed, friend.

God Bless

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Republicans are full of Crap

Okay, no more Mrs. Nice Gal! I have had it with Republicans and their full of crap politics.

Now, the National GOP is planning on running ads in our great state of Wisconsin aimed to scare us into complying with our lying, illegal wiretapping President and to turn us against the one man in this nation brave enough to stand up for what is right and just -- Senator Russ Feingold.

Click the link to read the ad.

I am so sick and tired of the bullshit that spews out of the mouths of Republicans. The majority of these bastards decided Clinton should be impeached for sex, but President Bush can trample all over our civil liberties and we should just sit here and take it!

If this was a movie, I'd get up and walk out, but unfortunately, this is real life and we're stuck with these rambling idiots ruining our nation.

Ben Franklin put it best, "If we give up our liberty for security, we will have neither."

The Republicans want you to give up your liberty.

The Republicans want you to trust a man who lied.

The Republicans want Russ Feingold to sit down and shut up.

The Republicans want to silence the 49% of us who didn't vote for Bush in the first place.

It is wrong for any sitting President to illegally wiretap anyone for any reason. There is no provision in either the law nor the Constitution of the United States of America to allow the President of the United States to circumvent the system and spy on our citizens.

It is immoral for our President to think that he is infallible and to remove our civil liberties.

May God find time to have mercy on our souls for allowing Bush to degrade the freedoms we have in this country.

God Bless.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Reason Straights Should Not Be Parents

Maybe, I'm just still angry about a discussion I had with my manicurist on Saturday. She kept bringing up ways that a child would suffer if reared by gay parents.

So, I tried to educate her on the ins and outs of parenting. I let her know that studies have been conducted and gay parents fair about the same as straight parents. Children of gays do not suffer from strange ailments any more so than children of straights do.

Then, I see the headline on CNN, reminding me of the couple who locked their 11 adopted, handicap children in cages in the basement and I think -- Gays are bad parents?

I have not read one story -- seen one newscast -- been told one tale by anybody that showed a gay parent abusing their child in some manner -- NOT ONE.

And, yet, when I mention my desire to be a parent, I'm told all sorts of made up horror stories that a child -- who isn't even here -- will have to suffer through because he or she will have two moms.

So, for all those out there who seem to think gays are bad parents, read the article. These are straight, upstanding American parents. I'll bet they even voted Republican.

They abused their children -- and, worst than that, they aren't alone.

God bless those poor kids. I hope they find happiness with better parents who will love them.

God have mercy on the souls of those who helped these two monsters become parents.

God bless the rest of us.

Friday, March 17, 2006

There is still hope for the Human Race

I'm not going to just re-write the article from the Journal Sentinel, I just want my readers to go read the whole story for themselves. A 28 year old widow left a pregnant teenager a $1000 tip.

Just to be nice.

Just to be helpful.

Sometimes, I wonder with all our wars and bombing, in-fighting and injustice if maybe, we, as a race, are doomed to destroy ourselves and our planet. Then, I read a small story like this and it gives me pause and a chance to remember that God works in mysterious ways and that He has not yet abandoned us. He's just put a few angels among us to help out.

God Bless

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Journal Sentinel is full of Crap

Apparently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thinks that censuring the President of the United States is merely an election ploy. They go on record to state:
"This quest for censure, though no doubt driven by principle, has something of a tilting-at-windmills quality that will only distract from more urgent business."

However, they even agree with Feingold that the President has broken the law:
"Feingold is correct that President Bush does appear to have violated the 1978 law that prohibits warrantless wiretapping."
So, if Feingold is correct and our dear President has broken the law, how could a censure by the United States Senate be incorrect and premature? I hate to bring up the past, but the Journal Sentinel did not feel this way during the Clinton years.
I guess I've watched "All the President's Men" too many times, because I believe that the journalists in this country are the ones to point out wrongs and stand up for what is right and just. But, the Journal Sentinel has proven me wrong and that's a shame. They should be standing solidly behind Senator Feingold and calling for the censure of an American President who has broken the law.
Instead, they cry, "Election ploy" and say that the censure is wrong.

Where's Woodward and Bernstein when we need them?

God Bless

Casper D Dog

As you may or may not know, I run another blog for my American Eskimo Dog. It's just a cute little blog about his "adventures". Anyway, few weeks ago, another Eskie stopped by and left a comment. I didn't check out his blog right away, but by the time I did, I saw that the little guy is suffering from Evan's Syndrome.

So, if you're an animal lover and have a couple extra bucks to spare, please read Casper's story and donate to his medical bills.

God Bless


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crawford's Take: Fourth Amendment...Pass it on!

I'm not going to pretend that I thought of posting the 4th Amendment. I saw Renee Crawford's blog suggesting that all of us bloggers post the 4th Amendment.

Considering a discussion I had with my younger brother about it being okay for President Bush to order illegal wiretaps without obtaining warrants, because we're at war, I hope he reads this amendment -- it doesn't give the President a way out by saying all of this doesn't matter if the nation is at war.

Bush broke the law and apparently Congress, with the exception of Feingold and Harkin, is too weak-willed to call the President on his illegal activity and censuring him. They weren't weak-willed about censuring Clinton for lying about sex.


So, anyway, here it is -- the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

God Bless

Monday, March 13, 2006

Obesity Lawsuits

I can't believe that someone would actually sue a fast food restaurant because they ate fast food and became fat! The thought is totally absurd.

But then, the idea someone would sue McDonald's because she managed to spill hot coffee in her lap -- and win -- was once absurd, as well.

Right now on Governor Doyle's desk is a bill that will prevent people from suing fast food restaurants because of their own weight problems. He doesn't think he needs to sign it, because there has never been a suit such as that in Wisconsin, but I disagree.

Sign the bill, Governor Doyle. We have enough ridiculous lawsuits cluttering up our courts as it is. We don't need any others.

And, before I get letters over the use of fat -- I'm a big gal -- and I'm not going to soften the blow of fat by saying obese or overweight.

By the way, if Governor Doyle doesn't sign the bill, perhaps I should sue Taco Bell for assisting me in being such a tubby.

Just a thought.

God Bless

Sunday, March 12, 2006


If you, like my brother, believe that we are at war and this justifies Bush's spying on ordinary American citizens, then ask yourself this one question: "If this was Bill Clinton and the circumstances were exactly the same, would I still be supporting this trashing of our 4th Amendment rights?" If you answer yes, well, we both know you're lying, as 99% of conservatives in this country were against anything Bill Clinton did.

Spying on American citizens without a warrant is wrong, it is illegal and it is NOT protected by the constitution of the United States of America. And, if you think this falls under Executive Privileged, you're wrong again -- There is no concept of Executive Privileged in the Constitution. (See, isn't that how it is for both sides of the fence, most Americans have never made it passed the bill of rights, so you can say anything is in the Constitution and they'll believe you -- no matter if you are left, wrong or in the middle.)

Anyway, the ACLU is suing to protect our rights and I believe that we, as free American citizens, should stand up and support them. I'm including the text from an email I received regarding this and the above link is for a web ad they're promoting.

"Something is wrong in our country. The president is overreaching his authority with a vast program of illegal spying on Americans, and Congress, which is supposed to check executive power, is preparing to ratify his illegal surveillance program after the fact.

In a backroom deal announced this week, key Senate Republicans met with Vice President Dick Cheney and agreed to create legislation that would rewrite our laws by requiring less disclosure and less judicial power to check wiretaps than current law demands.

The message these partisans are sending to the people and the country is clear: partisans are willing to put party loyalty over fundamental and timeless values, such as the preservation of the Constitution and the rightful power of Congress as a check on the president. Many Americans are appalled that our President has not only ordered warrantless spying on Americans, but has unapologetically claimed that he has the power to break the law.

The question for us now is: What message will we the people send Congress?

The ACLU is asking you to join with us in declaring unequivocally that warrantless spying on innocent Americans is unacceptable.

It's at moments like these that our system of checks and balances matters most. When the president asserts absolute power and the legislative branch abdicates its responsibilities, we must turn to the courts: the third pillar of our democracy.

Yesterday, the ACLU asked the judge in our NSA lawsuit to immediately block the illegal NSA spying program in order to prevent "concrete harm"” to our plaintiffs --— journalists, non-profit groups and other advocates --— and to the American way of life. The ACLU V. NSA lawsuit aggressively challenges the Bush Administration'’s abuse of power, charging that the spying violates all Americans' rights to free speech and privacy under the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

White House allies in Congress may be willing to help cover up this illegal program, and other lawmakers may be willing to stand on the sidelines, but when the president breaks the law, neither Congress nor the courts should give him a get-out-of-jail free card.

I urge you to stay involved as we work to end illegal government spying and restore the rule of law. The debate in Congress is far from over, and our legal challenge to the NSA has only just begun. We must stay vigilant if we want to preserve a democracy where the people are both safe and free.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director"

Keep this in mine, my conservative friends, accept this law now and when a liberal is back in the Presidential office, you won't be able to blow a gasket when he commits an illegal spying act.

God Bless

Friday, March 10, 2006

Bush Worried about Arab Message

President George W. Bush says "In order to win the war on terror, we've got to strengthen our relationships and friendships with moderate Arab countries." He believes the failed port deal sends the wrong message to our Arab buddies.


What message did you not want to send, Mr. President?

The message that if you funded terrorists, which the United Arab Emirates did and if two of the 9/11 hijackers came from your country, we're not turning over the safety and security of our shipping ports over to you.

Apparently, Mr. President, you wanted to send the message that we're tough on terror, but only if you're in a country we're not too keen on.

Personally, I don't think any of our major shipping ports should be controlled by any company that is owned by a foreign company, period. I don't care if the father company is in Britian, we should control our own shipping ports, our own airports and our own roads and borders. We should not be putting the safety of the American public in the hands of someone who isn't an American.

That's the message I want sent to all nations, Mr. President, and you should, too.

God Bless

Thursday, March 09, 2006

WI Senate Strikes Again!

Just two days after the Senate decided that Wisconsin Voters should decide if we want the death penalty or not, the Senate has gone and made sure that the ethanol bill is totally dead in the water.

Now, I'm not sure if I support this bill or not, but it seems to me that we should have some hearings and discussion about it before it is indefinitely postponed. But, that's not how our Senate works. No, they don't want to deal with the idea that this might make things better in the state and it might ease our dependence on foreign oil -- let's kill it before we review all the evidence.

By the way, the Assembly approved the measure way back in December -- so just what has our State Senate been doing for the last four months? Oh, yeah, they've been pushing for the anti-gay amendment. Well, it's nice to see that they've been too busy to give an important bill any consideration.

Here's what I purpose in the 2006 elections -- vote them all out -- everyone of these do-nothing Wisconsin State Senators. We don't need the death penalty, we don't need an amendment limiting the Governor's veto ability and we don't need an anti-gay amendment. We do need better schools, more jobs and lower taxes, but I haven't seen any of that on the Senate's agenda.

God Bless

Should Straight People be allowed to be Police Officers?

This story is actually from Illinois. An Illinois State trooper is getting six months in jail for sexually harrassing a couple. He's been on the force for ten years, so I just wonder how many more couples he has harrassed. I don't see why he should only get 6 months in jail and I see this as one more reason why straight people -- especially straight men -- should be constantly monitored. It is totally apparent that they cannot be trusted to behave themselves in polite company.

God Bless

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

God Hates Straight People

I've decided to fight fire with fire and say what everyone has been thinking, "God hates Straight People." Sure, straights rule the world, but they also suffer the most.

They're murdered in higher numbers than their gay brethren.

They suffer from heart disease and cancer at a higher rate.

When there is a Natural -- read: God caused -- disaster, the majority of those who are killed and injured are, what else, straight people.

So, what does this tell us? It tells us that God is really pissed off and mad at the Straight people of the world. In the Bible, He admonishes gays twice (in Lev.), but he has left 365 rules for the Straights. I'm thinking, He knew they would need more guidance and more watching over.

That's sad, isn't it? They think they rule the world, but really, they're just messing it up.

God Bless

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Creep Arrested...

Am I the only person on the planet who thinks these creeps should be shot on sight? Police officers who arrest child molesters should be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later.

Here's the story, five teenage boys use My Space to pose as a teenage girl. Pervert Michael Ramos of Fontana, CA starts sending her emails and pictures. Then, he arranges to meet her at a park. The boys go (as there isn't a girl) and they call the cops. The cops, who should've just shot the man, arrest him.

I'd like to mention that this man -- straight man I might add -- went to molest a teenage girl. Now, I hear a lot of talk about male creeps molesting teenage boys and then I hear that it is one of the reason gays shouldn't be allowed to have children or raise them, etc. But, the fact remains that 75% of child molesters are straight, white men.

Maybe, they're the ones who shouldn't be allowed to raise children.

God Bless

Saturday, March 04, 2006

God Hates George W. Bush

Here's a thought that I haven't read on a blog or heard on the radio, but what if 9/11 happened because God hates George W. Bush? What if our soldiers are dying in Iraq, not because we are harboring homosexuals in this country, but because we elected George W. Bush our leader? What if those who suffered in Louisana did so as punishment for voting for George W. Bush?

I've read on the right-wing sites and I've heard the suggestions made in the media (right-wing media) that God has abandoned America because of our sinful ways, but America has always had sinful ways. The idea that America has been this innocent, saintly nation is absurd. There have always been sinners in our midst -- from the very beginning -- but, there hasn't always been a George W. Bush.

Bush has only been our president since 2001, the year that the World Trade Center was destroyed and, according to Falwell and the like, 2001 was also the year that God lifted His protections from this great country. Coincedence? I don't think so. God protected the World Trade Center from being destroyed in 1993, when Bill Clinton was president, but He allowed it to be destroyed when George W. Bush was president.

Perhaps, God id trying to tell us something.

Just a thought.

God Bless

Little Brother is Watching

I received an email from Dustin J. Below is what he said:

"I've never written before and actually after reading your site for a
while I never had anything cogent to add but I thought this might be
of interest.

A friend of mine took this picture while we waiting for the train on our way to class. It of Boston Mayor, Tom Menino. Notice the billboard over his right shoulder! This is a big billboard right next to Fenway Park with a picture of President Bush's eyes with the line "Little Brother Is Watching" plus a website Its up right now. I have no idea who did it but its a pretty bold challenge to the President in the one
of the biggest markets in country.

I am surprised it has not gotten more press? Crazy.

Dustin J"

I checked out the website and it is interesting. It contains links to other sites regarding the illegal survellience President Bush is conducting. If you get a chance, check it out.

Thanks for the email, Dustin.

God Bless