Thursday, December 08, 2005

The People to Defeat the Next Election...

Below is a list of State Senators who voted for the anti-gay amendment. If you live in one of their districts you have an obligation to yourself and to your family to NOT vote for these people. BTW, some people wonder why I rarely vote for a Republican candidate. How can I when this is how they voted? They didn't listen to the constituents. They paid no attention to those who care. Every supporter was a Republican. What does that tell you about the Republican party? What it has told me since the last great Republican died in office (Lincoln). They are truly the party of hate and intolerance.

Ron Brown
Robert Cowles
Alberta Darling
Mike Ellis

Scott Fitzgerald -- especially DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN. Here is a quote from this mornings Journal Seinel: "The second clause sets the parameters for civil unions," Fitzgerald said. "Could a legislator put together a pack of 50 specific things they would like to give to gay couples? Yeah, they could." He added that he wouldn't draft such legislation himself.

This man hates gays and lesbians with a passion. He has been the most vocal. He needs to be defeated and tossed out on his ass the next time he comes up for re-election.

Glenn Grothman
Sheila Harsdorf
Ted Kanavas
Dan Kapanke
Neal Kedzie
Alan Lasee
Mary Lazich
Joe Leibham
Luther Olsen
Tom Reynolds
Carol Roessler
Dale Schultz
Cathy Stepp -- Senator Stepp is NOT seeking re-election, Thank God. I've called her office repeatedly, my friends have contacted her and she refused to listen to her constituents and break from party lines. I would strongly suggest that you do not vote for the Republican who choose to run in her place, as I feel McReynolds will be no different from Stepp. They are cut from the same ignorant, hateful, non-Christian, anti-American cloth.

Dave Zien -- Senator Zien belongs in the same group with Fitzgerald. He has been vocal and one of the leaders of spreading this hateful, hurtful, un-American legistlation.

May God have mercy on each of their souls and He takes pity on them for being small-minded and cowardly in their support of an amendment that will devistate so many lives. It takes great courage to stand up for what is good, just and right and it is obvious to me that none of these people have what it takes to be the kind of State Senators our great state deserves.

The good news is that there are some democracts who do have courage to stand up for what is right. If you live in any of their districts, please support them in their next re-election bid:

Roger Breske
Tim Carpenter
Spencer Coggs
Russ Decker
Jon Erpenbach
Dave Hansen
Robert Jauch
Julie Lassa
Mark Miller
Jeff Plale
Fred Risser
Judy Robson
Lena Taylor
Robert Wirch.

God Bless.


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