Friday, December 09, 2005

Paul Bucher

(I should note right here, just because the ad appears in the Google section, it doesn't mean that I support the website to which it points. I don't really get much of a choice, but I was still surprised to see the ad for Paul Bucher.)

Since Paul Bucher’s ad appeared on my site, I thought I should at least check out his website and his stands on the issues. As always, visit his site and research the issues, don’t only take my word for it. Informed voters are good voters, say I.

Here's what Paul Bucher thinks our issues are for the State of Wisconsin:

  • Drugs -- his "the policy is to recommend hard time in all felony drug cases."

  • Well, I do agree that we need to have pushers off the streets, but hard felony time for users doesn’t treat them for their problems. Plus, I really support the legalization of drugs for economic reasons:

  • We will know who is using the drugs

  • We can tax the hell out of them

  • We can use the resources we are wasting on stopping drugs in another venue

  • We can assist with treatment for those who feel that they need it

  • We will lower the overall cost of the drugs, making them affordable, thereby, lowering drug related crimes

  • If you wondering from where I received my points, it was from a Republican, right-wing economics teacher. Smartest man I ever met.

  • Fighting Computer and Cyber Crime – “Paul created Waukesha County’s first Computer Forensic Unit, a partnership between his office and the Sheriff’s Department. The Unit worked with police and prosecutors to investigate and prosecute cases dealing with crimes involving the computer, normally child porn cases and major drug cases. He's had a long term commitment to pursuing Internet sexual predators”

  • I’m all for that. We need strong leadership to continue our fight against sexual predators on the Internet.

  • Domestic Abuse – I’m not going to pull everything over from his site, go look it up yourself, but I will say his site says all the right things.

  • Election Fraud and Public Corruption – “He supports requiring a photo ID for voters because the core of our society is based on fair elections and the trust that elected officials will honestly represent the people.”

  • I don’t support photo ID for voters. It just causes the disenfranchised to not be able to vote. What about those people in nursing homes? And, how will this law affect absentee voters?

  • Also, he states on his site: “Working to ensure there is a photo ID bill will be important but there should also be a focus on corruption among local officials. Currently the US Attorney in the Eastern District has been carrying the water on corruption issues, as have the local DAs.”

  • I wasn’t aware that there was rampant corruption in our state government. We should get right on that. Maybe, I’d be a little more willing to believe his statement if he had backed it up with some facts.

  • Fighting Violent Crime – “The first step in addressing violent crime is to get out of Madison.While the “official” office of the AG will of course be there, Paul plans to spend time working out of a Milwaukee office where he can establish a close working relationship with the US Attorney’s office, Milwaukee's police chief, Sheriff and DA.”

  • I’m all for him getting out of the Madison office, but there is more to the state of Wisconsin than just Madison and Milwaukee. There’s Kenosha, Racine, Waterford, etc. Will he be establishing offices there, as well?

  • Right to Life – “Paul Bucher shares the same-pro-life position as our President, believing simply that unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected in law. He knows the right to life cannot be granted or denied by government, because it does not come from government, it comes from the Creator of life.”

  • Everyone knows that I am a right to life person. However, his site mentions nothing about the death penalty or assisted suicide. I want to know how he feels on those subjects. Since his site states that he shares the same pro-life position as our President, I can only assume that he is pro-death penalty, which is not pro-life.

  • Further, his site states: “He believes our nation was founded upon the idea that every human being is endowed by our Creator with certain "inalienable rights." Chief among them is the right to life itself. The Signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their own lives, fortunes, and honor to guarantee inalienable rights for all of the new country's citizens.”
    Hmmm, however, based on what his blog states about Falk’s view on the anti-gay amendment, those inalienable rights do not extend to people who are all ready here. BTW, that makes him a hypocrite in my book. If you mention “inalienable rights” to prove a point, but do not really believe in those rights, you’re a hypocrite.

  • Drunk Driving – please read his site for more information. Just one statement regarding it, he doesn’t mention harsher and / or stiffer penalties for drunk drivers. That’s all I want to hear about on the subject from a candidate for Attorney General.

  • The Right to Keep and Bear Arms – “Wisconsin residents with proper training and a permit should have same rights that residents in 46 other states have to protect themselves, their families and their property. Paul Supports the Personal Protection Act, with a provision for officer safety during traffic stops.”

  • Well, we all know how I feel about concealed carry, so enough said.

In case you are wondering, yes, I’ll be following up on the other candidates and making my comments, so stay tuned.


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