Friday, December 02, 2005

Cole Hein

"Cole Hein has an undiagnosed illness that can make him stop breathing and possbily lead to his death! is part of an international effort with the help from Lamar Outdoor advertising to find anyone with information that could help save Cole's life!"

Go to the website, read the story. There's no asking for money, just asking if you can help find a diagnosis. If you're a doctor or know one or a nurse or anyone that might have an idea, please help. If you have your own website, please post about Cole on your site. Someone, somewhere should know what's causing this.

They are asking for cards:

"Please feel free to write Cole some happy mail and let him know you were by his website. Please DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY! We are hoping to break the world's record for cards recieved (another way to get the word out about Cole)
Po Box 4096
Redwood Postal Outlet
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
R2W 5K8"

BTW, anything in quotes is directly from the site.


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